Sunday, November 24, 2013

WIWS: A Forgotten Level of Hell

Linking up with the ladies at Fine Linen & Purple ( for this edition of What I Wore Sunday, in which there isn't a pic of what I actually wore. Instead, I'm subbing pics of the almost same outfit I wore for Li'l G's birthday party...just imagine a brown v-neck sweater under the jacket, which you really can't see anyway. See?

Jacket: Resale $6
Jeans: Resale $1 (for real!!)
Boots: DSW
Sweater not pictured: Kohl's (I think) many moons ago.
Jewelry: Payless. Crazy, no?

Why the subbed photos instead of actual ones? Let's just say we had a rather harrowing experience getting family photos done at an in-store studio. I shan't get specific, but let's just say I spend a lot of other time at this place and usually they're right on target.

In the studio they were over an hour late, not terribly good at keeping a toddler's attention, and just plain exasperating. So many variables wrong it wasn't just a comedy of errors. It really was bad business. We wouldn't have gone except that Groupon tricked me by having a steal of a deal. 

Now that we have identified a never-before-seen extra level of hell Dante somehow missed, we are wiser for the wear and shall never go back. Not even if someone offers us sweet cash and a long sabbatical at a foreign location of our choice says the Hubbers. If I even consider it, as I said earlier in the day, beat me...beat me good.

In other news, it's Advent next week y'all! (I don't know if I've secretly been hanging out with Paula Deen or checking up on fellow Aggies, but I've been dropping the "y'all" a lot lately...) I'm getting close to having our DIY Advent mantle calendar done. If only we didn't spend half a lifetime at the photo studio I might have picked up more tape to finish the prep! Here's a sneak peek...

Now imagine it filled with rationed Halloween candy and a daily Scripture slip. End scene.

With all the mayhem, we didn't even celebrate Christ the King with any real hoopla. My bad. I just figured we'd already be dressed up for church so easy peasy photos and out. Wah waaaah.

Here's hoping y'all had a wonderful celebration of Christ the King! And psst...Jesus is almost on His way! Happy dance!

Now, to leave you with a little literary/pop culture mash up humor, here's a tidbit from Seeing The Word:

You're welcome.


  1. I'm sorry, the level of ridiculous an hour late is, with two babies none the less...I'd be shouting their name from the rooftop to make sure no one ever went there, because I am Christian like that ;)

    1. Yeah, I *might* have hinted at the location... ;) You get what you pay for, I suppose...

  2. I love that pink jacket, and what a steal on those jeans! Sorry about the awful photo shoot experience. :( It's hard to turn down a great Groupon, isn't it? Looking forward to seeing the finished Advent calendar!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! Groupon does suck me in...I've started not looking so I don't buy things needlessly or get any more hairbrained ideas, like horseback riding or skydiving... :) Hoping to have the calendar done tomorrow night - I can't wait to see how the mantle turns out with it either! Hope it all fits... :/