Monday, November 25, 2013

A Seasoned Life

There are those moms who are troopers and will pick up and go with littles wherever and whenever. I am not one of those brave souls. As such, there are many activities I feel like I should be attending or partaking of that go unnoticed or missed, like our parish mission. From all accounts, it was a phenomenal time of prayer and healing. Our little brood hung out at the Casa.

I am always kindly reminded when I lament that we miss out on so much that there are seasons for every thing. While I may simply have to brave the elements and let the children be children in the midst of activity, this season is also one that calls our family to scale back and make some intentional decisions about what activities will consume our time and energy. Since I am not the bravest of the land, these outings may be few and far between outside of the Mass until one kid learns to harness continual motion and the other learns that her vocal chords needn't be used every second of every waking hour.

While I am sad for having missed what was surely a powerful prayer experience at our parish, we are now certain that while we may not make the trek for all.the.activities like we would have in earlier years, that may be okay for now. It is liberating and humbling to realize that no one expects super human feats, and quite the opposite, those wise souls who have tread these waters before us actually encourage us to face this season with discernment and discretion. We apparently do not have to do it all. Astounding.

Peaceful slumbers, one and all!

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  1. St. Therese of Lisieux would applaud your perspective. There are more than enough opportunities to grow in sanctity and receive God's grace right at home - no outside trips necessary!