Friday, December 13, 2013

7QT: On Blank Minds, Crazy Sick Kids, Retreats & Rosaries

Why is it that every Friday when I sit down to write, my mind suddenly is devoid of any rants, ravings or ridiculous thoughts? All week I think, "oh! That's a good one for quick takes!" Come Friday, it's as though all I have is a stream of drool coming out of my open mouth. I'm not gonna mention anything about the state of the motherly mind, because we are after all superhuman creatures who clearly do not lose brain cells from our children's sleep patterns or early toddler life choices, so it must just be that I lost my superhero juju this week. Must be that. Yeah.

Speaking of superpowers, I think I want mine to be healing. Invisibility is a close second. I cannot believe how deeply joyful I am when my littles get over their sicknesses. I cannot.even.imagine what I would do if they were seriously ill. My heart goes out to all those parents whose children are facing debilitating diseases or conditions (and again, if you haven't looked into the work St. Jude Hospital does, please consider doing so this season and helping if you can). Little man is finally on the mend - the fever has gone, he's working out the last bits of sickness and I am tears-in-my-eyes praising the Lord and thanking of you that has prayed for us this week! So.very.joyful to have him back to "normal." Yeah, that word will always be in quotations in this family.

Speaking of not-quite-normal, this happened yesterday after dinner.

Li'l G: (Watching Phineas & Ferb) That's Perry. He's a playtpus. Platypuses are semi-aquatic.
Me: What's that G?
Li'l G: Moooom...I SAID, a platypus is semi-aquatic.
Me: Oh. Yes, yes they are.

Here's a random fact about me that I just discovered today. Using completely worn down pencil eraser are to me as scorpions are to Jennifer. Or nails on chalkboard to others. Just touching one and almost using it sent not-at-all pleasant shivers down my spine. Who knew? See? Random.

In some rather surprising news, I may be reconsidering the whole Santa thing. It's a conversation the Hubs and I will have to have first, so more on that another day. I may not be as opposed to Santa himself as I originally thought. Darn that Jennifer and that Mary for making me actually think about it. The Hubs may be shaking his fist at you...or rather, me.

Coming home to a sick little one, I completely forgot to mention that I was on retreat last weekend with the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist in Ann Arbor. Now, I must admit that I was rather distracted the whole time since the Hubs texted me a couple hours in to tell me that the babe was throwing up and running at 102-103 fever. I almost left, but am glad I stayed through most of the retreat and left after Mass on Sunday. 

While I'm sure I missed a good deal of wonderful material on Sunday afternoon, I know that I needed to be home for my own heart. As is always the case with the Sisters, the fruit from the retreat came pouring out this week even if I didn't feel connected at the time. Gems like "Jesus is in the mess of motherhood sometimes more so than in the quiet because it is through our vocation that we find our sanctification" and "if we can't show mercy and grace at home then it really doesn't matter if we show the rest of the world because it is at home that we are passing on the meaning of discipleship to the next generation" - definitely not pre-retreat gems! Thank you Sisters! Oh, plus I got a bomb-diggity icon (which I've been looking for style-wise since seeing them on Britt's icon wall) from the totally crazy gift exchange game and learned how to make a one decade cord rosary. Sah-weet!

Learning to make a one decade cord rosary has led me to want to make ALL.THE.ROSARIES! I quickly exceeded our rosary supply budget (as we don't have one) and bought a boatload of supplies to try to make more, and explore making full rosaries. I am perhaps a little braggity braggin' that I made my very first one last night. I have a ways to go to figure out some of the finer details, but I'm pretty proud and really loving the exercise in a prayerful sense too. I find it is a bit like finger crocheting, but manageable time and space-wise. The boy is almost back to 100%, so play-date on muy soon, Jenna!

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