Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A 2013 Retrospective: Five Posts With the Most

It's a double link up this week as I join Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things for her "Most of 2013" link-up and Hallie at Moxie Wife for the usual Five Favorites. I've been looking through old posts recently, so Sarah's linkup focusing on different blog highlights of the year seemed a perfect fit. Here is a quick "Five Faves" retrospective based on Sarah's five categories:

Post with the most clicks

I have to admit, I adjusted this to the second most clicks because I am certain based on the amount of spam I get with my top post that there is some machine out there somewhere just sending autobots my way. Thus, I don't count it. The next post with the most click is actually one of my favorites, and one I should read more often myself:

Post With Most Comments

I am the furthest things from a fashion blogger that there could ever be. EVER. However, it does seem that the What I Wore Sunday linkup gathers the most comments. What a lovely, supportive, ego-boosting group of ladies! The specific WIWS edition that gathered the most comments was the Makeover Edition, where I unveiled the blog makeover and a few prayers for a spiritual makeover as well.

Post with the Best Picture

Asking me to pick the "best" anything is an exercise in futility. Additionally, there are so many "favorite" photos of my littles in my posts through the year, how could I possibly pick just one? So...I went with the following favorite photo, not only because it is truly one of my favorites, but also because I am so very overjoyed that on this anniversary of their first sweet baby's return home to the Lord, my dear friends have this little miracle to bring them joy and comfort. God is good.

Post That Was the Hardest to Write

I know there were several posts that were terribly difficult to write - streaming tears threatening to short out my laptop hard. I cannot for the life of me remember which ones they are now, because with the writing comes some healing. I do know that this following post was my attempt NOT to make a soggy mess of the blog writing about my dad.

Post That Was My Personal Favorite

Yeah. Right. One personal favorite. Ha! As I was reading down memory lane, I came across so many that made me do a double take and think, "did I really write this??" It is difficult for me to pick just one favorite, but here is one that really resonated with me today, so it will take the "my favorite" title for the night. Just for the night, so don't you other posts cry your eyes out, okay?

There you have it! A look back at five posts that were the "Posts With The Mosts" in some way this year.

It has been quite a growing year for the blog and for me. Looking back over old posts I can see the rhythm of my life - when life was chaotic and when the Spirit took over that chaos. If nothing else comes from my writing, that has been a blessed exercise. However, I scarcely think you could avoid a "The Year in Retrospect" with more of my favorite posts as we approach the start of a new year! Exciting, I know.

Now get thee over to Hallie's for some neato-spiffy finds and Sarah's to read up on others Posts with the Most!

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  1. Glad to have found your blog.

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I'll be by yours after the chaos of the season subsides a little. Have a most blessed Christmas!