Tuesday, December 17, 2013

ISO A Wonderful, Beautiful Very Good Day

I have grown tired of the horrible, terrible no good day. Before we get too far in, let me be clear that I recognize how very blessed I am in all things. Now we can move on.

I would like to have a wonderful, beautiful very good day. So for this intention I prayed my Memorare "Novena" this morning. God misunderstood. I think He thought I meant I'd like a very good day for sanctification. Let me be clear. I appreciate Him shining up my halo, but today, I just wanted to take a little break from the polishing.

Lesson learned. Be VERY specific in prayer. Because we all know it's about getting what we're asking for. *wink*

What would my wonderful, beautiful very good day look like? It's really fairly simple. I don't ask much.

{1} It would start with kids that sleep through the night and cats who don't lose their d*** minds in the middle of the night. Sleep. It would start with a full night's sleep.

{2} It would involve children who do not wake 'n' whine. Happy, joyful children in the AM after a good night's sleep. Yes, that.
{3} Said day would involve solid chunks of interactive, friendly play time between siblings so mama could get chores and a bit of writing done in an orderly, efficient fashion so that...

{4} This day would involve "fun mom" full of playing and projects on demand. Well, maybe not on demand. But we would get out our project list and supplies.

{5} Said day would involve no tantrums, screaming, hitting, sassing, whining, crying for no reason, and/or bad attitudes. *sigh*

I'm never getting that day, am I? I guess I'll just settle for more polishing and a few dozen or hundred Hail Marys and make an effort to safeguard our afternoon from the earth-shattering knocks of deliverymen and wailing nap-woken children.

Think it'll work??

Here's hoping your day is equally sanctifying minus the terrible, horrible no-goodness to get there!

PS - Advent series on hope & joy will start later this week, minus any ranting. ;)

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  1. What a wonderfully warm way to greet the package deliverers, who sometimes inadvertently are enemies of your sanity. A great example of "loving your enemies" (or maybe "heaping warm cookies on their heads?")

    1. Ha! I'm not sure about enemy, but they do ALWAYS come right as the kids go down for a nap, or at the wee hours of the morning. :) I'll bet they have a pretty thankless job, too, unfortunately. I should have put a camera at the door to catch the reactions, though - they've been pretty funny. :)