Wednesday, February 19, 2014

F2W2 {vol. 4}: A Work in Progress

It's time for another Five Favorites/Worship Wednesday Mashup here at the Diaries! Hold on to your hats & gloves - here. we. go!

Worship Wednesday
Sidewalk Prophets, Keep Making Me


If you haven't seen this series at Momastery this week, I'm going to HIGHLY recommend it. As we pray for the Lord to keep making us into His image, we have to also embrace the fact that we won't be complete in that way until we pass into the next life. He doesn't intend for us to be immobilized by all the work that is still to be done on us. In fact, he uses our weaknesses for His glory. HIS glory - so ... read this series.


Remember this scarf-bombing project that a woman in Toronto started? Remember how I wanted to get a posse together to yarn-bomb Detroit? Well, it seems like while I have the best of intentions, the woman in the article actually got off her duff and did it. Hooray for her, and shame on me for slackin'. It's curious that there is no mention of the woman who started the trend in Toronto, though. Too bad. (Update: Just got a note from a FB friend that she does actually mention the Toronto project on her initial Facebook post.)


I know - it's a pic of dad, but's so sweet!

Um, why hadn't I thought of this...EVER? Probably because when Audible markets itself to me, it shoots me recommendations for 50 Shades of Grey. Not quite the right sell, Audible. Something went horribly wrong there. At any rate, I had never thought to use Audible or another "book on tape"ish program to have books being read. Here we are always looking for alternatives to television, because there is nothing our little girl would like more than an all-day Phineas and Ferb marathon. What a great way for us to enjoy the wonder and imagination of reading while we are busy with other things! Thanks, Maia!


I've been busily scribbling away at a post about how to be creative with your Lenten sacrifice/practices, and well, the post has already been written, and far better than I could. I love that she includes suggestions at various spiritual levels - how inspired! I can scratch that off my list now and go print off Kendra's 66 suggestions instead.

To see what everyone else is raving about this week, go visit Christy over at Fountains of Home who is hosting for Hallie, who is busy tending to her under-the-weather crew at home. Prayers for a swift recovery for them all!

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  1. Rakhi! There I was nodding along while reading about the sacred/scared series over at momastery, and giving some "Amens" to the yarn bombing, and then I saw I made it into your five faves! Golly gee shucks! Thanks!

  2. I just think yarn-bombing is the greatest. I wish it would catch on everywhere. And that I had time to participate! Thanks for the fun list today!