Friday, February 28, 2014

Quick Takes: 7 in 7, Competitive Envy, IKEA, & A Galaxy Far FarAwayFrom This Icy Netherworld

I almost thought it was Saturday since I took the day off and the Hubs is home on Mid-Winter break. Alas, it is Friday - time for another edition of quick takes! Before I get too far in, let's remember to keep the people of the Ukraine in our prayers. As I was about to publish, I saw Fr. Jonathon Morris' update that Russian troops had entered Ukraine soil. Seems ominous - let's pray there is peace.

Here we are at Day 5 of the 7 Posts in 7 Days Challenge. I thought I would go through my idea box and start putting words to some old ideas, like "The Tale of Two Days," or "Friendship in the Age of Facebook," but it seems that God keeps putting other, more serious things on my heart, like "Do You Want to be Well," "I Am A Sinner...," and "I'm Sensitive, and I'd Like To Stay That Way." Not quite what I had in mind, but when the fingers start flying you just let 'em go.

Part of the whole "letting the fingers fly" is not paying attention to what others are writing (or more specifically, not letting that influence what you write). Apparently it is not an uncommon phenomenon for bloggers to have ideas up their sleeve only to be bested by that other blogger down the web. There are then two choices: abandon ship (thinking someone else has already covered the topic you had in mind and clearly better than you ever could) or forge ahead (maybe the Spirit has something to say through you in a different way or to a different audience). My new litmus test? If it is still burning on my heart a few days later, I'm going to put on my big girl pants (or skirt) and give it the ol' college try. After all, the library is full of books on the same topic, so surely a few dozen posts coinciding on similar matters won't be the end of the world.

In a similar vein, I've had to curb a real inclination toward competition, jealousy, and envy as I write. I have to be very intentional about reminding myself that someone else's successes, achievements and blessings in no way diminish my own. I am working really hard on celebrating others' accomplishments and endeavors, especially when they are milestones or achievements I would like to have under my own belt. (Oddly, I don't actually wear belts.) Maybe I will get there, maybe I won't. Maybe I have things to learn or work to do before I can claim the prize. Either way, someone else's success has zilch-zero-zip to do with my own desires. It is time for me to simply celebrate and throw the comparisons away. So to you ladies who are doing great things - hip hip hooray!

Oh, Ikea, you make me want to redecorate with every step. I shall not covet...

I shall however, try to bring a little of the goodness into our own home.

The whole reason for going to the biggest box store ever was to get a slat base for a bed frame we already had to lift Li'l G's mattress off the floor, but not too far off the floor. Mission accomplished with a terrible photo to document it. She also got new bedding, but I still have to wash it. Plus, I have more plans to update her room as she grows, like a book sling on the wall and a bed skirt so I can hide storage and toys underneath the bed. We've gotta save something for next week, right?

Did I mention we went to accomplish our IKEA mission today? Did I also mention that there was a wind chill warning? Again? For the I-don't-even-know-how-many-th time this winter? Oh, well, there was. And we did. This Polar Vortex has had us trapped in a frozen pocket of the netherworld for far too long. We bundled (but not too much lest we sweat it out in the car and store). We went. We conquered. Take that you Polar-Vortexinator! Take that! (And bring spring...please? Before I totally lose my marbles? M'kay? Thanks.)

By the way - it's official that Detroiters have every right to complain this winter. It is now a national fact that we, indeed, have been hit the hardest this season. So there.

We have been hit so hard, that we have now devised our own escape from this icy planet. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1...BLAST OFF!!! (And we're outta here...)

(Tomorrow's project involves a racecar. They are desperate.)

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Have a splendid weekend, y'all, and see you back here tomorrow for our Lenten mantle plan...or something else if the mood strikes. The Lenten plan will be coming this weekend, though, since Lent begins next week and all.

PS: I forgot to brag! Look what I came home to from the 3 year old - she's a genius!

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  1. I think it's a great idea to write it if it is still on your heart. I have abandoned ideas when someone said it better or different...But, sometimes i'm like,' nope, still gotta go there!'.

    Comparing is fascinating. I find the more i entrench myself in the blog world, the more I compare, but then I remind myself why I started blogging, who it is meant for and what my goals are :)

  2. Such a sweet drawing!
    In reference to number two, my old response to finding out that another blogger wrote about a topic that I wanted to write about was to abandon ship. Recently, I decided to take the forge ahead route. You are spot on with your comparison to the amount of books written on the same topic. :)

  3. Remember that I don't read all the same bloggers that you do, so even if you found someone who dealt with a topic, that doesn't mean that I read that post too. Besides, blogging isn't a beauty contest - it's a way we can share what's meaningful to us, and having someone else blog on the same topic just means that you're not alone in thinking those thoughts, which should be comforting!