Friday, March 7, 2014

SQT: Heat Waves, Miracles, Economics of Praise & Vying for Health


It's so warm, even Mr. Snowy has lost his head!

Why, no, I don't have the slightest idea where Li'l G might get her flair for the over-dramatic. No idea at all.

It's a miracle (allegedly)! And I "KNOW" them! Ok, so by "know," I mean I read Bonnie's blog and occasionally leave comments. So I e-know them from a distance. No Bette Midler necessary here. Read all about the confirmed (alleged) miracle for the cause of Bishop Fulton Sheen's cause for canonization at Bonnie's blog, A Knotted Life. What great news, Bonnie, and yay Fulton! Allegedly, I am excited for you.

The political science nerd came out in me whilst I was belting away to some praise & worship on the way to work. Mighty to Save was on the radio, and I was singing my heart out. Everyone needs compassion, a love that's never failing, let mercy fall on me...Everyone needs forgiveness, the kindness of a Savior...and then it happened...the wealth of nations.... Hello, Adam Smith. You've now been implanted into some Hillsong United, who means for us to sing about a hope of nations, not wealth of nations. Quite sorry, old chap. Back to the bookshelves with you. Sorry, Jesus.

Lent is here! Somehow it doesn't feel like Lent - maybe because it is March. The itching redness of my hands after dinner as I stay away from my phone is beginning to make it seem a little bit more Lent-ish each day, don't you worry! We've been doing the Lenten Links with Gianna - she doesn't quite get the "giving away" of things yet (and daddy isn't fully on board as he thinks she will hate Lent if we give things away), but she is so sweet when she prays. Hopefully once we get in the habit of doing them every night, she will get the hang of the prayer, giving and acts of kindness. Since she is only three, I subbed in "kindness" for "fasting."

They are color coded and there is a link for each day from Ash Wednesday through Easter Vigil. The dark purple/blue links are Acts of Kindness she can do, the lighter purples are Prayer Intentions, the grey/brown links are Gifts of Giving, and the yellow ones are Saints for Sundays. This was a last minute idea that popped up when Mary (from Let Love Be Sincere) asked what people were doing to make Lent a reality for younger kids. Her kids are the same age as ours and younger, and someone suggested a link countdown. Since we are focusing on different ways to Fast, Pray and Give as a family, I wanted to incorporate that into the links. Voila!

I love it so much we may make one for the 50 Days of Easter too!

This duvet has now been properly broken in...

Speaking of my sweet little girl, we had a rooough night last night. I think perhaps our little schnoodle had a bit of food poisoning as she yakked up all of dinner and then whatever she could muster up for five hours between midnight and five in the morning. It is so hard to watch them suffer, and yet while I prayed to take on her sickness, I was also so very amazed at how much she has grown up. The last time she was sick, there was no way we'd have gotten her to puke in a toilet or bucket. This time, after we got past the initial shocking expulsions, she did so well. Don't get me wrong - the smell of vomit doesn't leave you once it infiltrates your nasal passages, so even after a good scrubbing shower, I still think I smell it, but she did so well containing it over those five hours. Your heart just breaks watching it all, and praying for relief that comes not soon enough. She is better today so far, but we'll be keeping an eye on it to be sure it isn't more than a slight case of bad pudding. Prayers are always welcome!

Instead of giving up Facebook for Lent, as I mentioned, I have given up all apps and such between dinner and the kids' bedtimes. It's great when I'm home, but when I work a full day, whooheee is that hard! That's not really the point of this quick take, though. I also decided I wanted to be more intentional if I was going to remain on social media through Lent to do a better job of putting out there thoughts and invitations for people to see how God relates to their lives, their struggles, their heartaches, their whole identities. I want to stay away from just a quote here and there, but convey how much God wants to be in relationship with us, how that invitation is always open, and the joy that comes from that. I want to change people's perspectives away from the lies the world and the devil tell us and back onto the truth of what God says about us, His promises for us, and His love for us. For instance, one big theme for me has been those secret whispers of negativity that run through my head all.the.time. I have to learn that failure is not a four letter word (I think there is a future post brewing there), and even less so when it is completely fabricated.

In keeping with the spirit of #6, I just loved this Humans of New York post so much I had to share it. I spend a lot of time thinking "oh, I wanna be HER when I grow up!" when I see a woman whose qualities I would like to emulate. But as Princess Poppyseed and Vanna Banana found out, God made us each to be ourselves. Benny's a pretty wise little man.

(And here's another Human of New York just because I really liked it too.)

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And...if you've got a few prayers to spare, would you offer some up for little Ben's family as he waits on his miracle? Perhaps dear Bishop Fulton has a few more miracles to spare...

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