Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Shorts: These 40 Days

Ready for church, mama!
How very grown up is this girl getting?! It's What She Wore Sunday here as I link up with Fine Linen & Purple. I threw on jeans and a light sweater and ran out of the house after an early morning altercation with a boy and his vomit. Once again, my day consists of laundering bedding. Oh, summer with the clothesline outside, where art thou?!? 

The girl went to Mass with daddy and wore a thrifted sweater dress, Costco tights and Payless shoes. Her bag was a present and is filled with emergency diaper/wipes, her Magnifikid, and her Holy Baby doll. Her blue rope rosary she insisted had to go in her pocket. She was ready!

---------- ***----------

While I might have run out the door with clothes haphazardly thrown on today, I was struck in a new way by the familiar reading of Jesus' temptation and how it parallels our Lenten journey.

Man does not live by bread alone
But by the Word of God.

Deny ourselves something of the flesh to depend more on the things of the Spirit.

You shall not put God to the test.

Grow in trust.

Worship only the Lord your God.

Put away all things that threaten to dethrone God as the center of our lives and true North of our compass.

Also, I can't remember now if I've posted this before, but friends, the devil uses God's Word to try to tempt Jesus. . .WHO IS THE WORD OF GOD! He tries to use Jesus against Himself! That takes that old 'we are our worst enemy' to a whole new level. It also reminds me how necessary it is to know the whole of Scripture so the father of lies can't fool us with what sounds like it might be God's word. 

I also recently found this prayer for after communion and do so love it. That Tom Aquinas is a pretty okay guy.

Grant me, O Lord my God,

a mind to know you,
a heart to seek you,
wisdom to find you,
conduct pleasing to you,
faithful perseverance in waiting for you,
and a hope of finally embracing you.

---------- *** ----------

Li'l G's Lenten Link today is a Saints for Sundays link. The first saint we will be learning more about is St. Elizabeth of Hungary. You can get to know her better here. (I know, it's Wiki, but I found this to be the most comprehensive look at her life and associated miracles.)

The two things we are focusing on about St. Elizabeth of Hungary both stem from her generosity to the poor. The first was her dedication to spinning wool to make clothing for the poor. Our activity is to make yarn clothing for some stick people. 

The villagers are naked!!

Thank goodness St. Elizabeth spun some wool into felt
so we could make tunics for them!

The next is a reported miracle whereby St. Elizabeth was leaving to take food to the poor, but upon being stopped on her way out, the basket was miraculously transformed into roses so no one at the palace would be the wiser. Hat tip to Maria for the idea for this activity - a rotating basket transforming food to flowers and back to food!

Whew! I'm spent! Time for more laundry. . .

Happy Sunday from our Casa to yours!

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