Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tell Me What You Buy & I'll Tell You Who You Are

Not quite St. Augustine, I know. The thought came to me as I was checking out at Meijer the other day sans kiddos (don't be jealous). I was chatting with the cashier who was commenting on the things I was buying, and  making some rather correct assumptions about our life based on what she was scanning. As I unpacked my loot, I realized you really can tell quite a bit about a person's life based on what goes into (and comes out of) those bags. What does my shopping say about life at the Casa, you ask (or not)? Here we go!

1)  Oh, yes, we have a toddler girl in potty training. And I hate buying logo-riffic products. By the by, why is it so hard to find toddler anything without some character on it??

2) Cats. Multiple. Correctamundo!

3) Trying to get organized. Yes, indeed.

4) Trying to keep track of this crazy mixed up beautiful life. Check!

5) - 8) We are attempting to eat better and make some healthier choices. Organic milk, superfoods, whole grain, no artifical XYZ - it would appear meals at the Casa are health conscious.

9) . . . or not. Canned goods are our friends. Life is busy. Sometimes dinner prep is rushed, so there you go.

10) We are attempting to pose as foodies and gourmet beer connoisseurs. Fooled ya! I don't care for "beer," so I've been trying to find some darker brews with some sweetness so both of us are happy. In case you were wondering: delicious!

11) I am toeing the "crunchy" line, but not willing to shell out the big bucks and commit.  Bingo.

12) There may be more than just the potty-training-girl toddler in the house. She may have a brother. He doesn't want to be condemned to a life of mama-hand-drawn Jake characters. True story.

So there you have it. That's what my purchases say about me. There was also an Easter dress in there that got the cashier talking about her niece, but we will save that reveal for what we wore on Easter!

Tell me, what does your shopping say about you?

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  1. I hear you on the trying to eat healthier but the kids still manage a cheat or two. And #4 got me excited. I am always on the quest to tame the disorganized beast with me. ;-)