Friday, April 4, 2014

Seven Quick Takes: Homes, Germs, Projects & the Search for Good News

It's been quiet over here for the last week or so, but I thought I would pop in with a really quick takes. Much has been happening, so much so that there isn't time to write about it during the week!

Remember me doing the happy dance a couple weeks ago because mom got a good offer on her house? Well, that has transpired into a quick trip out here, whirlwind house buying, and many meetings-emails-phone calls as relates "the move." Things are moving forward with a house purchase here, as well as the sale of her house in Oregon, but prayers for smooth(er) sailing as we move in that forward direction are always appreciated! St. Joseph, pray for us! 

As we have been immersed in an intensely busy week, it is naturally the week that I am sick. I have visions of those critters in the Mucinex commercials just wreaking havoc in my lungs and sinuses. It is quite a party they are throwing. Apparently they did not see the "no vacancy" signs.

We have, however, been blessed with a few beautiful and warm days over the last week, especially on the days we were busy with house hunting and inspecting. For this we are immensely thankful. I can't imagine touring around in the weather we have today. All this rainy, cold, dreary weather makes me want to do is sleep. Incidentally, the Cough-a-Cabana party makes that somewhat difficult.

In the midst of this craziness, it has also been a week filled with heavy news. Not sixties hippie heavy neither. Cancer battles begun, cancer battles lost, depression battles lost, wee littles hospitalized {not ours}, birthdays of lost loved ones, politics run amuck (HHS, Marriage Equality, World Vision, blah blah blah)... No news is, in fact, good news on weeks like this. So...your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to fill the combox with GOOD NEWS! Yes, Jesus is GREAT news, but I mean small news. What's going on? Who is rejoicing over battles won? Anniversaries? Engagements? Birthdays? New projects? Fill 'er up, folks!

I did manage to have a little fun over the last couple weeks, thanks to an invite from Erin and the Hubs taking one for the team and solo-ing a long evening. We went to Painting With A Twist, though not twisting any bottles open this time around because, well, Cough-A-Palooza and all. Y'all - it was SO FUN! If I could afford it, I would go weekly. Alas, that wouldn't fit in our budget, and all the paintings wouldn't fit in our house. SO FUN.

Pay no attention to the name on the table. We swapped so
this lefty wouldn't elbow her friend all night. 

Crystal 'grammed a photo this week that showed off some saint plaques she made using coloring page cutouts. Brilliant lady, that one. This is now my new endeavor, because Gia's quest for projects has to come from somewhere. So I'm trying to find coloring pages and decide my hierarchy of saints. Let's face it, I will get a few done and then get distracted with life as "the move" happens and summer conferences and travel hits. Maybe not, but I'd rather count on it. So far at the top I have St. Michael & Blessed Frassati for the Jude-ster, and St. Gianna and Pope John Paul II for Li'l G. What would be your top two saints for kiddie-icons? Maybe this will be my new "thing" after photography, writing, painting and religious art making. I have a problem.

Not photographing babies here.
Last, but not least, I dusted off the ol' camera and had two sessions last weekend with some beautiful little babies. I am thankful for friends who have more faith in me than I do and give me business and referrals. I'd give you a sneak peek, but they haven't seen them yet, so it'd probably be bad form. Next week. More photos. Promise.

And that is it for now. Have a most wonderful weekend!

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