Friday, May 23, 2014

SQTs: Linkity Love, Pretty in Print, and Random Potpurri in the Monthof Mary

I'm still at a "just the quick takes, ma'am" stage of blogging these days. We are inching closer to having mom settled in, but the boxes...oh, the boxes they just keep coming! Long story short, I'm still not back to writing more than once a week. Hopefully by summer I will be back in the game.

Linkity Links: Here's a few things I've been reading as I mindlessly surf around the web of Inter.

Second Oldest Woman in the WORLD lives in Metro Detroit. What fascinating stories she must be able to tell - how much things have changed and how rapidly. 115 years old, people, 115 years old...that's almost Old Testament Biblical! Happy birthday, Jeralene - may God bless you in abundance!

Educational Innovation, Meet Philanthropy: I am mesmerized by the possibilities here. An architecture program in the south has an initiative to create $20,000 homes using local resources and innovative design to develop LOW-income housing awarded to those in need within the community for a reasonable mortgage. Some of these homes are so intriguing. They remind me of the innovation of Frank Lloyd Wright without the glamour perhaps. What we could achieve if more programs across the disciplines used this approach?

Hand-Holding, More Intimate than Kissing? This was a great article in Verily about the benefits of such a sweet and simple gesture. I was taken by the notion that it is, in this day and age, more intimate than kissing because it has not been exploited and debased by the sexual revolution.

How long does the average cable installation take these days? I'm thinking it should not be over an hour. Seriously. Mail me the box and I will do it myself. Apparently they now contract out for installation so the technician can't even answer some simple questions. Awesome. Oh, and with the window guarantee, apparently showing up a couple minutes late doesn't qualify you for free installation. Did you also know that the words "high definition" don't actually mean "high definition" if they are followed by the word "digital"? I wonder they include it at all in the package description then.  I am so glad we got rid of our cable!

Unpacking is the worst, especially when you come across some questionable fashion choices from 80s that still haven't made their way out of your mother's home and into some thrift store. Or those photos that betray those fashion choices. In the middle of all the work, though, there are moments of nostalgia as we come across some old things from Iowa, and there is a glimmer of excitement as the amateur decorator in me begins to envision what I can do with the space. I don't have photos of said Marshalltown flair at the moment, but check back later!

Speaking of decorating and dreaming...I finally stopped in Hobby Lobby this week. Y'all - I had forgotten the insanity (in a good way) of Hobby Lobby! The two stores in the area aren't nearby, so it takes planning, but holy guacamole I sure as heck hope they stay in business, and I may do my best to help. Sorry Hubbers. Maybe we can make a new roof out of scrapbooking paper? It's on sale for 50% off. So are their metal home decor items - a tin roof, perhaps? Rusted? We could have our own little love shack.

I was also able to stop into a local print shop finally to do some investigating, and I am so excited about the possibilities! I have driven and walked by this little shop for over a decade always thinking, "hmmm, maybe someday?" Well, this week, someday came to town! The owner was so helpful and took time to show me a bunch of samples and help me develop some new ideas for things I never would have even considered. I hope it is needless to say I am really excited about moving forward with the Etsy Shop and hope to have some things up for sale at the beginning of June . . . I'm shooting for Pentecost. This is one other reason the writing has been on the back burner. Once things are up and running, balance will come easier I hope!

What's a quick takes without a little bit of the kidlets? The little dude has been exploding his vocabulary all over the place these days. For so long he was the strong, silent type. Now, he is starting to catch up to his motor mouth sister. Dear Jesus, please help me. Ok, while that is a serious prayer, I am loving his little linguistic goodies. My two favorites right now: "I DID it!!" and "ohhh-khaaaay" Melt my heart, kid, just like chocolate.

Li'l G ain't so little anymore. She is so freaking tall! People often tell me they think she is 5. No, people, still three, still three. Let's not rush. My favorites with her are harder because they incorporate intonation and facial expressions. This girl has such an expressive face! Her latest hobby is helping me drive the van. She is a natural born backseat driver. She has a fake little key, and bosses me around with the best of them. "Faster mommy!" "Slow down!" "Hey, car - get outta the way!" all mixed in with requests for the DJ from the peanut gallery - "no, no, no - not DAT one!" says little man. "BUT I WANT THAT ONE!" says his sister. And that is life in the fast lane, because what other lane would I be driving in after all?

Last, but not least, I was looking through some pictures this morning, and thought, "huh...I wonder what people's favorite images of Mary are?" The Hubs is hyper-picky about the Blessed Mother and how she is portrayed. She must be "just so" or it's all wrong. All wrong I tell you! (Don't bring up the Nativity Story...she is too whiny.) Anyway, would you all like to play along on Instagram with me? I'm about to post one of my favorite renditions of Mary, which is a filtered photograph of a statue we have at home. The statue is my favorite Marian depiction thus far, and I really liked the way the photo turned out. 

If you have a favorite image, please share it and tag me (@rakstar13 #rdmonthofmary). I'd love it if you played along!

That's all this for this week, friends! Have a beautiful and blessed Memorial Day Weekend!

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  1. Rakhi, I nominated you for the Catholic Writer's Award. Find out about it in my post today. :)

    1. Oh, my goodness! You are too sweet - thank you for the kind words and the nomination.