Sunday, July 26, 2015

How God Found Me Lost in Thought

Let's start this segment with a few true confessions.

1) If we hadn't been meeting up with a friend who had come in from out of state, we would have likely split Masses today. It has been that kind of week. 

2) I hate throwing kid parties. For the most part, one of us is chasing kids and the other one is prepping food. If there were a way to not have kid parties and get away with it in our family, you can bet your sweet potato pie we would! Sadly, that is not an option for us. Le sigh. That's not to say we don't want to celebrate kid moments, or that we don't appreciate the friends and family who come to celebrate. It's just than three hours can fly by and we realize we haven't actually had any fun. Seems like a waste of a party to me. 

So there we are.

As if the kids knew we were down for the count, the newly minted threenager received a glowing F- for Mass from me. Ok, ok, I'll be generous. F+. The girl in comparison did remarkably well. I shall give her an A-, and only a minus because she has a predisposition to laughing when her brother does things that he shouldn't. You can imagine the boost this gives the threenager. I am raising a host of class clowns. Sorry, future teachers.

Even in the midst of weariness and circus tricks, as my mind meanders during the Deacon's homily, God has a way of sneaking up on me. Even as I keep an ear out for the boy and the dad who have had to step out due to theatrics, God is whispering to me. Even when the girl is inching closer and closer to crawl onto my lap, where she barely fits these days, God is tapping me on the shoulder.

Today, God found me lost in thought and wanted to remind me that He is a God of abundance. Where I always fear not having enough, not giving enough, not being enough, God tells me to stop seeing scarcity. He reminds me, through his faithfulness to Elisha, through His feeding of the thousands, that He is in the business of providing in a way that exceeds our expectations.

God reminds me that He takes what is small in us, given to Him in faithfulness, and makes it overflow in His grace. He can take all our gifts and make them flourish in His way and in His time. There is enough grace, enough blessing, enough love to go around. There is certainly enough work to be done. 

God uses all of us and all our gifts, no matter what another is doing, or how well or beautifully. He takes our baskets and our gifts, even (and especially) if they are filled with scraps. He asks us to give him all we have, even our torn and broken pieces. It is through that offering that God uses us, in all our smallness, to make Him present in the world. 

What seems broken in you that you can offer up to God this week? Place your broken pieces in the hands of our loving God of abundance and see what miracles come to be.

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