Monday, August 31, 2015

8.30.15 Sunday Scribblings {Every Good Gift}

It's been quiet on the western blogging front. So many thoughts swirling about in my head, but my focus has not been present. With visions of back-to-school for the first legitimate, pack-a-lunch, bring-a-snack, all-day-every-day, time, I've been up to my eyebrows in uniforms, nap-mats, school supplies, and new schedules. The only pitter pattering here right now is my heart, even as I type these words. It is a lot to think about. It is a lot of responsibility, and I must confess I don't always think of myself as a grown-up. Yes. I will be 40 this weekend. A young 40. 

So . . . many thoughts, few words. 

What I have been indulging in, because it calms my soul, is more art and lettering. I recently took another Skillshare class because they had a special "get 3 months for 99 cents/month" enrollment, and how could I pass up a deal like that? Between that and dabbling in some new calligraphy tools, I've been expanding my repertoire from amateur watercolors and hand-lettering to amateur digital design and modern calligraphy.

I want to grow my skill and my business, so I am dedicating some time each week to creating new pieces using new skills. Some might rock, others may demand I throw rocks at them. We shall see. Here is my first piece up for the Sunday Scribbling feature. It is free for you to download - just right click and save!

A full resolution and print version of this will be available in my Etsy shop later this week. 

For now, I'm off to bed because I have a schoolgirl to wake in the morning who loves mornings as much as I do. 

Prayers for a peaceful night and sweet slumbers. Remember, you are so very loved. Rest up so you can love the world like Jesus!

PS - Yes, I know it is Monday night. Sunday ran away.

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  1. It is lovely!
    Praying you all have a wonderful first week of school! :)