Sunday, September 13, 2015

9.13.15 Sunday Scribbling {You Are The Christ}

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We can often gloss over readings that we hear time and again. This one is no different. Yes, we know. Peter was pestering Jesus to tell him more about who He was. Yup, Jesus turned the tables and asked Him what the rumors were, and then to search his own heart to discover the truth for himself. Yup. Same old verses. And yet . . . 

This question Christ asks of Peter is the same question He asks of us every day. Don't look around you to see what others are saying. Who am I to you today? Who do YOU say that I am? How does that change your life, your world, your behavior? He knows we still do not comprehend what it means to have Him as Lord and Messiah in the eternal perspective. Like Peter, we take what He tells us and run with it while we have only a morsel of understanding, meaning many times we run full speed in the wrong direction. 

Yet He continues to ask. He continues to correct. He continues to lead us until that day we will see and know fully. 

Who do you say that He is? Who do you choose Him to be today? Whether Christ, Messiah, Redeemer, Healer, or Lord, choose Him. In all that we do, today and every day, we either make choices that lead us closer to Christ, or those that do not. Choose Him. Today. Tomorrow. Every day. 

He is the Christ.

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