Friday, September 18, 2015

The Dog Ate My Homework

Ok. We don't have a dog. And I don't have homework. I was, however, hoping to get out a Quick Takes post today to fill you in on all the excitement around these parts and schedule another post filled with all the things I wish I had said on TV that came to me well after my 11 minutes on air. 

I had the best of plans! I even scheduled my computer upgrade for last evening when I would be away so I could hit the ground clicking! Sadly, the upgrade didn't launch last night. No, it launched when I opened up the computer to fill these pages with my prosaic brilliance. (Yes, you may laugh.) It's been a little over an hour now, and here we are.

It's our anniversary, so I don't know if I will get to those quick takes this afternoon after all. (Yes, you may weep.) It just goes to show that for all the planning, and all the "don't open your computer in the morning - play with the child," discipline today, I should have opened the computer. 

Until Microsoft returns control of my computer back to me, here is hoping you're having a splendid Friday! I'll be back to tell my tales - pinky swear.


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