Saturday, September 19, 2015

SQT: On Lazy Mornings, Dancing, Dreaming, TV Appearing, Debating, and Seeing at 40

We are back in business! Microsoft has released my computer from Update Purgatory and I'm ready to type type type away until I go thrifting with my mom this morning. So we're gonna make it a real-quick takes seeing that it's already almost 9:30. It's a kid-free morning. I'm uncaffeinated. I've been moving slowly. Maybe that is our first take right there!

See above. Kid-free you get more accomplished or find yourself taking advantage of a muuuuch slower pace? Admittedly, I haven't been sleeping well, so I am moving more slowly than usual, but I find if the kids aren't here to get me going, my non-morning person self isn't suddenly the energizer bunny. 

Gia started her first dance class this week. Cue the cuteness . . . and the subsequent meltdown when we got home because she loved it so much she didn't want to leave. While the meltdown was no fun, that she enjoyed herself so much was a beautiful thing. As I have been praying and dreaming for her, I have been intentional about staying watchful that I am not living my unfulfilled dreams through her. She is her own person, who will have her own dreams, talents, and interests. Admittedly I signed her up for dance because . . . see above for cuteness. That she loves it is a wonderful gift in return. How do you gauge what you sign your children up for as activities? How much is too much?

Things at the shop have been moving along. As I turned 40, I decided that if I was going to dabble in this side "business" of creative work, then maybe I should really spend some time focusing on making it more of a business and less of a hobby where I spend valuable time and energy (and money). So . . . I applied to be an Amazon Handmade vendor, and was accepted. You can find me on Amazon now!  I'll also be a vendor at our school Mom2Mom sale in October. While it is all exciting, I also have my reservations. As opportunities surface, this will be a year of discernment about how big I want this to grow and where I want to spend my energy. Thank you to those who have supported me and cheered me on thus far. We will see where the Spirit leads me!

The Pope is coming! The Pope is coming! Hey . . . did you know the Pope is coming to America? (Does anyone else hear Neil Diamond in their head? Just me? Never mind.) There is a lot of hype and hoopla about the pontiff's first visit to the United States. In a timely manner, Facebook reminded me that I wrote this piece about Pope Francis back in the day when he shocked the world with his candid in-air (not on-air) interview. All I said then still rings true today. 

Our local NBC affiliate, WDIV Detroit, broadcast a one-hour prime-time special on the Pope's upcoming visit here and in Cuba. As part of the special, I was invited to sit on a panel (along with three others) talking about the Pope's influence and the significance of his upcoming visit. While I talk a good game in a small group setting, the thought of being on-air answering questions I haven't been able to vet gave my poor introverted heart more than a few palpitations. Thank you to all who prayed for me! I was mostly calm by the time we taped the segment. Mostly. Surprisingly, I had a lot of fun, did not ever want to throw up from nerves, and felt very much at ease by the end. It must have brought out my old debater instincts. 

Anyway, the show aired last night, but will be available online in the near future. In hindsight, there are many things I wish I had said, but we will save that for another post (or posts).

While we are on the subject of leaders and television, has anyone else been as irked as I am that the Republican candidate "debates" have been on pay-cable stations? It seems to exacerbate the image of the Republican party as exclusive. I know that most people have no interest in watching such a debate because it does, frankly, cause a headache. That said, the fact that a conversation, whatever its quality, about the future of our country and candidates who may or may not progress to the next level of the electoral process belongs on a platform open to the public. Regardless of whether you subscribe to cable or have access to the internet to live-stream, you should have the ability to participate in the democratic process. Whether you choose to or not is a different story, and one I will also save for another post. I warn you - the post will explain why even migraine-inspiring dialogue should not keep us as faithful Christians away from full and active political participation. You can't really expect any less from someone who wrote a study guide to Faithful Citizenship and majored in Political Science, can you?

One of the reasons I didn't get these quick takes up last night was that we were celebrating our 6th anniversary. Microsoft had certainly commandeered my computer for the afternoon, but my love commandeered my attention the rest of the evening. Six years have flown by, especially once the kids came along. In the trenches with little children, spouses can take a bit of a hit when it comes to how much attention they get. Little hands, feet, and faces are more up front about their demands. Luckily, neither of us entered this marriage with expectations of all-romance, all the time. Beyond that, what we viewed as "romantic" differed from the rom-com writer's fantasies. That, I believe, saves our marriage time and again. While my husband has faithfully gotten me a bouquet of roses on our anniversary every year, even when I tell him not to, his selflessness and patience with us on a daily basis is far more important. It is more romantic to hear him say he would rather be at home with us on a given evening than have to go back to work a second job, but that he makes the sacrifice to do that so I can stay at home part time. It is more romantic that he bathes the kids before I get home from work so that our evenings can be a little less hectic. Sure, I will gladly take the roses and chocolate (dark chocolate, of course), but I much prefer the little acts of sacrifice. 

Lastly, a frivolous quick take. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have helped me pick out a new pair of glasses. The eye doctor was most gentle when she told me that at 40 pretty much the eyes go to crap, so welcome to 40, go pick out your glasses.

You all picked a winner . . . and here they are! (They were pair #4.)

That's all for this installment! For more Quick Takes, visit This Ain't The Lyceum!

Until next time, let's get out there and love 'em like Jesus!

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  1. Good to see you again (in blog form)! :) How exciting about the TV interview! I'll keep a lookout for the online version (as I don't have cable). :) Glasses are super cute! Congrats on the anniversary!