Friday, September 4, 2015

{SQT} Surprise Edition

Checking in with a speedy quick takes from the road on my way to places unknown. This weekend is my 40th birthday, and we are dropping off the kids at Nonna's. Where we go after that is a mystery to me.

I have been assured it is not outside.

I've been told it is casual attire.

I've been told there are two parts, one of which for certain involves food.

I've been told to bring socks, though I don't have to wear them all evening.

From this I have deduced we are doing one of three things:

We are going skating (roller or ice, only time will tell).

We are going bowling.

We are going to a dive bar where I will want to wear the socks on my hands so I don't need to touch anything.

What do you think?? My other guesses were Mexico and the Iowa State Fair. I've been told we will not be bringing our passports or a time machine.

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  1. Happy birthday!!!! Hope you have a great weekend. Many blessings. My guess is a trampoline place.