Monday, August 28, 2017

4 Ways to Help Texas: A Work of Mercy

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Winston-Salem Journal, The Independent UK, Fox News

Unless you live under a rock, it's certain that you have heard the news about the devastation being caused by Hurricane Harvey. While we joked about an invisible rabbit upon hearing the name, this storm is no joke. It is threatening to be a force greater than Katrina in 2005, and so many are STILL rebuilding their lives after the immense loss. 

I've been checking in with friends and family, and the reports are grim. People have lost everything. More people will lose everything. Those in the poorest area often lose the most, including their lives because they often live in areas that become inaccessible after this massive level of flooding. When emergency notices are telling you to get on the roof if your house starts to fill with water, it is beyond bad - it is a nightmare. We had a couple feet of water in our home a few years ago, and we still recoil at the thought of it. Some families are being told their houses will fill with five feet of water. Did you know Texas doesn't have basements for the most part if at all? That is 5 FEET of water in your living room. Your kitchen. Your bedroom. That's eye-level water.

So, what can you do in the face of such a threat? Oh, people of the Lord, we pray and we act. We show mercy and we love with the heart of Jesus. Here are five ways you can do a work of mercy for the people of Texas and the Gulf Coast:

1) PRAY. 

Offer up your inconveniences, your hardships, your aches and pains, and back to school nonsense for those who are losing everything including their schools. A friend mentioned that Our Lady of Prompt Succor has long been observed by locals as the patroness of the Gulf Coast. You can find out more about the devotion here. Consider joining us in a novena to Our Lady for the people affected by Harvey.


Sending money allows relief providers the most discretion and ease to utilize resources as they are needed.

There are several relief organizations already working overtime to serve those affected by Harvey. Choose one that resonates with you and make a sacrificial offering. Here are are a few to consider:

Adore Ministries - I've heard wonderful things about this organization. It is local to the Gulf Region and is coordinating volunteer efforts as well as accepting monetary donations. 

Catholic Charities (text CCUSADISASTER to 71777 to donate)
Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA) is the official domestic relief agency of the U.S. Catholic Church. Your donation to CCUSA’s Disaster fund supports disaster response and recovery efforts including direct assistance, rebuilding, and health care services. Please visit to learn more.

3) Volunteer!

If you are in Texas, agencies are looking for people to help with relief and recovery efforts. Here are just a few:

Adore Ministries: They're looking for plenty of help with current and future recovery efforts.

-we need volunteers with trucks/vans and time to help families relocate to new homes, cities, or even states.

-we need help finding temporary places for families to stay, and then moving people to there

-we need physical labor to help clean up houses and neighborhoods

Salvation Army Volunteers to hand out food at local shelters

Team Rubicon USA (Veteran-led disaster response teams)

4) Give blood. 

Whatever you do, you do in the name of Jesus. Go out and love the people of the Gulf like Jesus now and in the years to come. Recovery has yet to begin...

Blessings, y'all...

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