Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Running With Sharks

Ok, ladies, I know this is many of you. You're trying to get back in shape. You're on a new health kick. You have a little way to go to get to that goal, but you are on your way. Picking yourself up by the gym shoes, you march your slightly wider behind on over to your local exercise palace, only to be scorned by the queens of the machines. You know the ones I'm talking about. They're the ones who look you up and down with the knowing look that says "you don't belong here, but clearly you need help." They appear more like a sculpture than a woman, clearly residing at said facility because they certainly don't look like they need to be there at all. Yes, they're who I mean. Sadly, some of us may be those women (no fingers pointing at anyone specific!)...stop!

We talk about the mommy wars, but those are really just a subcategory of a much larger sickness - the woman wars. Clothing, work, marriage, sex, and yes, the gym. We judge, we gossip, we gloat, we lament, when what we really should be doing is supporting one another (in all things good and healthy, but that's another post).

My good friend and ├╝ber-talented writer Nancy Vitale has written a short comedic film inspired by her own experience with the piranhas of the pool. These aren't your middle school bullies - they've had experience...about eight decades to be exact! Produced by Nilou Safinya, Running With Sharks is about a woman making a fresh start against the odds. Knowing Nancy, it is sure to have us laughing and rooting for victory in the end.

Nilou Safinya, producer
Nancy Vitale, writer
The pair and their new production company, Eyes Up Here (I think many of us can relate to that name!) are currently working to secure funding to produce their film for entry in festivals as well as a pilot presentation to pitch to television networks. If you think you might enjoy the show, check out their pitch at and Indiegogo campaign at You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

Best of luck to you, dear friend! I for one am hoping you get this going sooner rather than later - I can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve and in your head. PS - when you make it big, don't forget who let you live with her for free - please send good hummus and red wine. And if you happen to run into Colin Firth, you can bring him with you when you deliver the goods. Smooches!

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