Sunday, May 26, 2013

What I Wore Sunday: Holy Trinity, Batman!!

Happy Trinity Sunday!! I forced myself to take a couple selfies as Mass was a last minute decision and solo - we are once again a little under the weather and mama wasn't sure she should Mass it up. In the end I wasn't feeling badly enough that I could justify skipping Mass, so here's what I threw on.

Shirt: JC Penney's
Pants: Kohl's
Shoes: DSW
Sunglasses: Target

Here's a closer look at the shirt.
For more Mass fashions, visit the ladies over at Fine Linen and Purple to see how it's really done. Now, back to the Trinity.

In a culture of rugged individualism, the concept of an inherent communion of persons is baffling. Where the world says pull yourselves up by your bootstraps,the Lord tells us "whatever you do to the least brethren of mine, you do to me." An intrinsic communion of persons of which we are members.

To paraphrase -  "Though the body has many parts it is still one body, so also Christ." A community where the weakest are the most important, not the biggest burden. A community where we are all united in one Spirit, though given different gifts. A community that is bonded in perfect love, Love itself.

As we celebrate Trinity Sunday and move on to Memorial Day, take a minute to appreciate how it is you have come to be who you are and where you are. While the culture may tell us we go it alone and glorifies independence, by design we are interdependent. Much like the Trinity, we are bonded together in love. Thanks be to God, in Christ, we are never alone. 

If you read this blog at all, you know of my love of a certain musician. Here is the first release off his new album that I, in good company, have playing on repeat because captures so perfectly a prayer that has been on my heart as of late. So I leave you with a little Matt Maher once again. I know, so predictable...

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  1. Rakhi, your meditation on community was elegantly simple, and I don't think we ever get beyond needing to be reminded how dependent we are on each other. This lifted a normal WIWS post into the heavens.

    1. Thanks, Anna. I think I am even more mindful of it right now because I feel stuck in this deep desire to have community, but feel like it is so much work to create it artificially. Praying for an organic community of prayer and support to pop up for us here...