Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Belated Beatitude Attitude {vol. 10}

It is clear that I've been on a bit of a hiatus from writing much since the onset of the respiratory virus from the netherworld. Between being out of commission and then trying to make up time lost at work and home, not much writing has been completed. Started, yes. Completed...well, not so much. I've been remiss in publishing these Beatitude Attitudes, when even in the midst of illness there is such blessing.

1) Blessed am I that the Lord has given me such a wonderful family of my own. Even through all the complaining and impatience, He worked patiently to fulfill the deepest desires of my heart.

2) Blessed am I that I was given time to slow down. For a type A gal like me it was sheer torture, but I needed time to rest. 

3) Blessed am I that I have a hard working Hubbers who picks up my slack on a regular basis, but picks it up threefold when I am out of commission.

4) Blessed am I to have healthcare, even when I feel that perhaps my expertise in my illnesses is greater than their knowledge of my history. I can question them, but am still provided excellent care.

5) Blessed am I that the weather has been near perfect over the last week or so. Even though I could not venture outside too often, it was a great blessing for the kids to be able to go play outside and to see the sun shining in through the windows.

6) Blessed am I to have a daughter who I believe is pretty keyed into the Holy Spirit, even at 2. It is, of course in small, sporadic ways, but so amazing to reflect upon. We had been trying to get tickets for my mom to come visit in July, and the tickets are now always expensive. The kicker is that even at $600, the flight times are not reasonable for a 70+ year old woman. No red eyes or 10 hour layovers please. One morning this weekend, Li'l G and I were talking about my mom for some reason, and she bursts out saying, "Dida should come. We need Dida to come." I hadn't looked at tickets in a few days, so I figured I'd give it a try. Cost was the same, but two direct flights at completely reasonable times on the airline she prefers to fly. I know, it is a completely silly moment to see the the Holy Spirit working in my daughter, but I do. 

7) Blessed am I to be eating from our garden. There is something special about eating from food that has grown in your own garden by your own hands. We are still in the early stages of reaping the deliciousness, but it has begun! 

Hoping you are all blessed beyond your wildest dreams!

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