Sunday, June 16, 2013

WIWS: Back in the Saddle Again

I'm baaaack! I'm still not fully over this nasty little bug. As much as I want to, it seems I just can't quit him. Eww. Be gone with thou already!

Mass was especially long today with a Bishop visiting from our sister parish in Tanzania and two baptisms (Jenna's little Samuel was one of them - I so wish I didn't have this viral visitor because there is nothing like the scent of a newly baptized babe! As it is, I yearned from afar.)

Given the "longer" Mass and my lungs' disposition toward convulsing, I'd say it was a successful morning.

Li'l G earned herself a B- due to a couple of outbursts. She did also rewrite Mr. Maher's classic - it shall henceforth be "your grace, take a nap, your grace take a nap." If only she would take a nap so willingly.

Little Dude earned himself a stellar A, mostly because he slept through the majority of Mass. As his daddy says, deciding to sleep at this age still earns you an A. 

Off to breakfast (where we discovered that Little Dude seriously loves him some pancakes) and then home, at which point I discovered our little princess had taken off her shoes AND socks. Barefoot into the backyard it was! She was, however, more interested in feeling the grass on her toes than taking photos.

So mama struck a pose solo...

Dress: (LOVE)
Shoes: DSW
Hair: in need of some serious limp and fine hair doesn't look glamorous like Grace's!

A little note on eShakti - I love that you can custom fit and custom design everything by length, neckline, sleeve, and height. Love. This dress was actually a steal off their Overstock page - with a $25 coupon, I barely paid more than shipping! For less than most stores, you get custom fitted, quality clothing - definitely will be a go-to shop when I'm in need of something fancy!

Months ago when I first saw the What I Wore Sunday linkup, I had no intention of putting my own photos up. Kids? Sure. Not me in my larger than I would like body, though. I have to say that through forcing myself to push past that, I have started to enjoy dressing for Mass and life in general. The number on the tag is still higher than I'm comfortable with, but I can work on that. In the mean time, I am coming to appreciate what can fit and flatter, which is the key at any number on the scale. Thank you to the ladies at Fine Linen and Purple and all of you who have sent encouraging words. 

Now, go see what everyone else is wearing this Sunday for more Mass fashion inspiration. Then head to Grace's for more Sunday wardrobe and behavior!

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  1. haha- love the song re-write. What an amazing deal on that dress! I love looking at their clothes and am always checking for sales. And those shoes are so cute!