Sunday, July 7, 2013

Our Sunday Best: Give Me A Heart Like Jesus

Linking up with the ladies at Fine Linen & Purple and Grace over at Camp Patton for What I Wore Sunday Best.

We [read: I] had a fashion fiasco this morning - I wasn't sold on what I was wearing (the dress was right above the knee so I added capri leggings) and the look on Hubbers' face confirmed it. I needed to change. Sigh. Pulled this fancy little number out of the closet only to remember as I was tying the ribbon that it was a maternity dress. Wah wah wah... No time for more changes so that what I wore to Mass this Sunday!

Dress: Motherhood Maternity
Shoes: Kelly & Kate (I think?) from DSW
Hair: in desperate need of a new style.

As Hubs was getting ready to take the ol' Sunday photo, I was goofing around with some stellar dance moves, which he also captured. This one's for you, Hubs - behold my jazz hands!

Little dude is dapper as always - continues to hold his one shot wonder title two weeks running! His polo onesie is resale as were his pants. 

Li'l G is doing her post-Mass & lunch stretches here prior to a ... wardrobe change ... Tunic from Meijer on clearance, leggings were a gift. 

Everyone else got dolled up for Sunday, so why shouldn't Mary? Gigi thought she should be dressed to the nines (or the tens, as you will). She's sporting a lovely plastic blue rosary. 

What was the report card for Mass, you ask? Stellar!! Li'l G got an A- and Little Man got an A for sleeping again. Booyah! Don't worry - mama's not getting proud. We will, however, enjoy it while we can. With such stellar performances, mama was able to hang with Jesus a little more than usual at Mass!

Quick reflection: I always pray before/during/after communion for Jesus to conform my heart to His. Today, He very clearly reminded me that in asking that, my heart would always be broken on this side of heaven. That very strangely brought me a lot of peace. 

St. Augustine's famous, "our hearts are restless until they rest in you" is a favorite, but I never thought of my heart being perpetually broken in union with Jesus. Henri Nouwen's book, "Can You Drink This Cup" presents a similar thought. In it, he says that the cup of joy, which is found in Christ, must be taken alongside the cup of sorrow that is also Christ's. Neither stand alone. 

I struggle with a desire to feel more joy in my life. Lately I've been feeling more like a crabby patty. Thinking on all this now, I realize that joy isn't an absence of sorrow. Even those full of joy feel sorrow. It is a conscious choice I make to unite my heart with Jesus and look always to the promise of good and the hope of heaven, to see glimpses of that promise and hope in even the darkest moment, joined with sorrow, not apart from it. 

Mama doesn't keep a report card on her own progress though. Perhaps one day Li'l G or J will blog about it. Wouldn't that be the bees knees?

Hope your Sunday is filled with glimpses of God's promises and the hope of heaven!!


  1. Great reminder about joy and sorrow being inseparably linked in Jesus. It always amazes me when, in accepting what would seem to be a harsh reality, the heart finds deep peace, as you described. But of course that's one of the primary signs of the Holy Spirit's guidance.

    1. Thanks, Anna. I find that I need that reminder or I start to wallow... A work in progress am I! :)

  2. I think you look nice in your dress! :)
    I love your reflection. It is very true.

  3. Cute kiddos!!! Little boys in mini polos are heart melting!

  4. Great reflection! And you look great- def. can't tell it's a maternity dress. Love the jazz hands, too. :)

    1. Ha! Thanks, Lisa - nothing like making a fool of yourself for your loved ones every now and again. ;)