Friday, August 30, 2013

7QT: Dance, Dance Baby

It's now time for the part of the show where Rakhi shares her seven quick takes (no silly songs with Larry - sorry!) brought to you by Jennifer, our loyal host at Conversion Diaries. What do you mean I've been listening to too much Veggie Tales?

ONE: I was rocking the little man the other night, and had flashbacks to late nights with Li'l G in her room. When we put her in a big girl bed, we moved the fish tank to the new nursery (don't ask what we will do when Judah transition out of the crib!). I distinctly remembered rocking her while praying and watching Davey Jones (the little catfish) go nutters in the tank. I know at the time all I wanted to do was sleep, but in remembering that time, I was surprised at the warmth of the memory.

TWO: I'm not sure how many of you watch So You Think You Can Dance. I am so excited to watch the performance finale next week. The four who have made it into the finals have been my two favorite pairs of dancers this whole season (Amy & Fik-Shun and Aaron and Jasmine), and I'd be lying if I didn't admit I'm especially rooting for Amy who is from just a few miles down the road. The real short story to this long winded introduction is that Watching SYTYCD results in attempts to regain my dancers posture. I imagine I am gliding across stage whilst walking, but in likelihood it probably just looks like I'm shuffling my old lady feet these days. 

THREE: The other effect of a SYTYCD/Veggie Tales combo is that Li'l G loves to practice her arabesques and demand family hug/dances. She also still shakes her little tushy when we dance, but in line with The Twist and not twerking. Hoping to keep it that way for all eternity.

FOUR: Speaking of shaking tushies to music, the kids and I headed to the zoo this evening while the Hubbers went to a movie with a friend. Why we didn't take advantage of these Wednesday it concerts at the zoo all summer I'm not sure. We packed a delicious little finger food picnic and the kids had some good old fashioned fun.

FIVE: I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that the reason the kids and I even went to the zoo was because of an invitation from some friends I have made on Instagram. Anne Marie and Al live in the area and have grandchildren the same age as our kids, and have been the sweetest followers on ye olde insta-land. It was so nice to finally meet up with them in person! I've noted from her comments that Anne Marie is an encourager in the best sense if the word - it is definitely a charism! Meeting her in person, I was struck by the ease with which she enchanted my children. Li'l G was naturally a little standoffish at first but they were fast friends til the end. Al rescued Judah from all the girls, and the kids enjoyed every minute.

SIX: While we have no back to school rush other than the Hubbers returning to teach, this time of year still feels incredibly chaotic. With back to school evening events at the high school, birthdays, anniversaries, fundraisers and gatherings at work, a gal can start to crave a getaway to a nice quiet cool beach somewhere. Sadly, that doesn't seem to be in the works, so I am looking forward to the Non-Discernment Retreat led by the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist (say that ten times fast!) in Ann Arbor this December. I'm so looking forward to it, that I'm inviting you all to come with me. One of you could even win a free registration to the retreat! Unfortunately, I can't fly you all in from all over, but if you can get here, I've got one registration waiting just for you (if Rafflecopter is your friend, of course). 

SEVEN: Well, I had a seventh quick take last night, but I made the fatal mistake of not making a note of what brilliance did yonder lay, and this day at this hour, any such thoughts have vacated my mind for greener pastures. If you have found it lying about somewhere, please do direct it home. This basically summarizes my state of consciousness as of late.

Praise the Lord it is Friday and a Friday of a long weekend at that. Yahoo! (Sorry, Google.) Now go cavort through the lives of the rest of the quick takers over at Conversion Diary - happy reading!

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  1. I agree; somehow the Fall is the craziest time, no matter if you have school or note! I just started staying home at the beginning of the summer and can't believe how much we have packed into the next few weeks!
    Found you via 7QT and would love for you to check out my blog! :)

  2. I love #7, it happens to me to :( Have a great, long weekend!!