Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Taming this Circus: Take 2

I really did try. For a few weeks it worked beautifully! Then the whole horse and carriage got away from me and jackknifed. 

I've shared that I've been struggling to get out of a bit of a pit (luckily not the pit of despair), and that has thrown the plan to manage this household down the drain. Menu plan? What's that? Laundry? Are you sure that's really dirty??

Part of the pit includes a complete lack of focus and a trifle of exhaustion. Sure, I could make more lists to get back some focus, but then I start thinking about all the things that should go on that list and I'm exhausted. I'd rather just go take a nap on the couch please.

I did realize today what part of the problem was. I failed to take into account that we've been trying to do more - more outings, more "fun". It's not that I don't want to be a fun mom, but with only two mornings at home, I realized today that we can't be out of the house for both of them.

Wednesday was our shopping day. Then library story time came along. Tuesday became shopping day and Wednesday became library day. Two mornings rushing to get everyone up, fed and ready to go out in public. Naptime is quiet time around here since the kids' rooms are on the main level of this small house. Sure, I can get a few things done, but well, see above paragraphs re: exhaustion.

It's a dastardly spiral, it is. Left unattended, it can start to accumulate gale force winds in fact. Well, no more. I already suspect I'm slowly starting to lose my mind, so I'm not about to keep trying to get different results by doing the same things! 

Starting now, we are only having one outing day per week. I'm sorry that this means fewer play dates (though really we don't have any anyway so I guess this means no new play dates?). I'm sorry if this means I am less available for other things or that the shopping trip is less massive than before.

Wednesday is our day out. Tuesday, well Tuesday is going to be a day for catching up on housework, "school" for Li'l G (we use that term VERY loosely), crossing off a few things from the task-y "to-do" list and a few things off the creative "to-do" list. Hopefully that is a manageable conglomeration of lists!

I have to get my sorry self out of this pit and having one day at home may be just what the doctor ordered. The kids can have a pajama party day, though mama will need to shed the jammies or risk laying around with the kids all day! 

Now... Time to get dressed and whip this house into shape! Ok, let's not get crazy. It's going to take more than one day for that.

Enjoy this lovely autumn day!

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