Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Shorts: Birds, Flowers and A Throne

This will be one more week with no link up to What I Wore Sunday - it seems the winter is taking its toll on my fashion, though this week it seems like it is keeping with the sentiment of the weekend's readings. 

I've been hitting the 10 a.m. Mass at a nearby parish lately due to weather and timing, and Fr. John has yet to disappoint. His homilies have been like an arrow targeting my heart very precisely - preaching is no doubt a powerful charism of his. Today he boiled it down to this: Lent is a time to shake off our fears and worries. It's time to stomp our boots and shake off the dust (or snow). Whatever has been holding us back, it is time to get rid of it so we can live fully in Christ and with our hearts centered in Christ. 

There is only one throne in our hearts. If Christ isn't sitting on it, we have to bravely ask ourselves who (or what) is...and be willing to let go of it. If Christ is there, we have to be honest about what in our lives competes for that spot trying to oust him from his seat? No matter our answer, we need to be firm in our knowledge that He always remains with us, that we are always at the center of His heart, His love, His sacrifice. Lent is the time to strip away the distractions and train our hearts to stay strong and protect His throne so at the end of the day we can say to our Lord, our hearts are centered in You. We remain with You also.

{I had an image pop in my head of what this battle looks like, but didn't get around to drawing it yet. Besides, Heather over at Mama Knows, Honeychild is the illustrator around these parts. Perhaps I should sign a deal with her to illustrate my Sunday shorts.}

Speaking of shaking off dust and making new room, here's what I've been up to this weekend as I continue to fix up Li'l G's room. After a good cleaning and organizing, I have a little garland accent added to her headboard, a book sling and the alphabet for her to distract herself with as she lays in bed. Her words: "I LOVE it, mom!" Next step is to actually put the new bedding on the bed and hang a couple of baskets to store her little figures. Oh, and find a cute bedskirt that doesn't cost me a fortune.

Hope you had a relaxing and sweet Sunday as we head into Lent. Incidentally, while it is the squeakiest squeak in under the wire, this officially concludes the 7 Posts in 7 Days Challenge with Conversion Diary. Whew!

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