Friday, May 9, 2014

SQT: Cross-Country Moves, Mother's Day, Silence, Butterflies & BookReleases

It's a hurried day, so here are some takes true to their quick name!

Tomorrow, y'all. Tomorrow. After years of our hinting not even the least bit subtly, my mom is finally making the move to be with us. She flies in tomorrow while most of her earthly possessions take a cross-country road trip. Prayers for the move and for the years afterward all appreciated!

{Imagine photo of sold sign at the new house here. Imagine long enough and the picture might just appear post-closing!}

This kid looks so OLD! She's only three - why does she look like she rules the school??? My heart, this one.

This boy is the stinking sweetest boy that ever lived. Ever. Your arguments in opposition are invalid. I can't even be mad at him when he gets up in the middle of the night - he snuggles up close and says ever so sweetly, "hi!" Ok, I suppose I can get a little irritated when he pulls what little is left of my hair...but not much.

The husband is grounded. I am trying to plan ways to rid our house of things (like the piles in the basement), and he brings home this "for the boy." Because some guy was stalking him waiting to buy it if he didn't. He is grounded, and cleaning out the basement over Memorial Day. He has been so notified.

"More than THREE FEET long" Really?

In an odd turn of events, I cannot think of ONE THING that I want for Mother's Day. The one gift I asked for I was informed would be inappropriate for the day. Nothing tawdry, you crazy kids - I wanted one day of alone time. One full day and night of alone, quiet time. QUIET TIME. Apparently it is not appropriate to ask to be alone on Mother's Day. My bad - I didn't mean it had to be that day.

This leads me to think I should check out a silent retreat this summer. And go to Mass more often if I can. Well, that last part was from my morning prayer. I was seeking peace and opened the Gospel for today, and Jesus told me that whoever wants life within them will eat and drink of Him. I'd better to eating and drinking more of that and less fearing Mass with both toddlers in tow. I can do anything through Christ, right? RIGHT??

I've mentioned on a few previous occasions that I was toying with opening some type of shop, and I think I am finally ready to take the plunge. Over the last month, I have really enjoyed the sketching and lettering I've been doing, so now I have a handful of sketches to ink and put up for sale. It's not a huge investment and I will see where it goes, but there sure are a lot of pretty little butterflies flying around my stomach. A huge thanks to all the lovely ladies who were so supportive when I made the announcement on Instagram - it was just what I needed to take the last step off the edge and jump in. So...coming soon...

(Rakstar Designs is the name I've used for my photography for a few years)

Seriously, everyone is reading it!
So, has anyone heard of this new book that came out? I think it is called Something Other Than God. I think it might have some connection to Conversion Diary...that's the rumor at least... Ohhhh, right! It's her book - it's finally here! I devoured every word in less than one day. That is saying something for someone whose reading capacity is at a measly page or two given her current brain function (that's me). I laughed, I cried, I hid under the covers with my phone's flashlight to finish the last chapters as the clock struck midnight. Now I am just trying to put into words the many ways in which it impacted me in such a short time. It was definitely worth the wait, but now I want to know who will play Jennifer in the movie!

And...I'm off to power-of-attorney this closing for my mom's house. Power ain't what it's cracked up to be, let me tell you! I'm ready to hand those reins back on over to her. Tomorrow. Blessed tomorrow!

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  1. Ha- I totally think a break from children is the perfect mother's day gift. I might have even requested it last year. This year, it is a day when I don't have to do any work for the children (i.e. sleeping in, no diapers, no feedings, etc...)

  2. And by "grounded" you mean well balanced and sensible right? ;)

    1. If that's what you will mean when you say it to Gia in the years to come, then of course! :)