Friday, August 8, 2014

SQT: Bizarro World, ToddlerStrong, Bathroom Talk, Breakfast, & the Quest for Simplicity

I'm going to start with what is making me speechless. These headlines:

Report from Iraq: families throwing children from a mountain to keep them from terrorists.
ISIS Beheading Children in Iraq
I can't. I just can't read it anymore. So I hear we are taking action finally. I wish I were more optimistic about the outcome of that. For now I just join in prayer for our truly persecuted brothers and sisters. It looks like the US Bishops have chosen August 17th as our national day of prayers for Iraqi (and Syrian) Christians under attack. Let us continue to pray every day and join together as one body in Christ with all our Christian brothers and sisters to pray the devil back to hell. We know God's promises are lasting, so let's grab on and go forth with bold expectations of what He will do for us if we ask in faith.

We had family photos taken on Wednesday. Did I mention that our children do NOT like to simultaneously look at the camera and smile on command? Poor Katie. I do believe that we witnessed a miracle as she got more than one photo with everyone looking at the camera. Now to sit down with the Hubs and decide which of those two maybe three photos will the winner!

When we pulled into the church where we had our photos taken, there were the most beautiful sunflowers. I'm a sucker for sunflowers. Unfortunately, the lighting and the toddlers did not cooperate for a family photo with them.

I"m not really sure what led to a meltdown of epic proportions Wednesday night (I blame ridiculous bedtime antics by all little creatures). Let's just say there was a baaaad episode. The kind where one half of my mind is diving into the darkest, deepest waters and the other half is smacking that half around saying "get it together - you know better!" There were moments where I was simply just upset with myself for not having moved past all this and wondering whether there would ever be a time where I would just keep it together. Through the sobs, I started reading my devotional which pretty much hit right where it hurt, but in a good way. I couldn't tell you now what it was that I prayed - I'm not sure there was any conscious and calculated prayer at all. I just know that while I was still a bit on the funky cold medina side the next morning, I also kept coming across things that served to remind me that there is struggle on this wild ride we are on, but that God remains with us. As I was driving in to work, what popped into my head was that it was not such a bad thing that I am a mess. It's better that I get frustrated with myself than simply coast through live without a care. It is actually good that I am restless, even if I'm not all that young.

We are in full toddler swing around here. Heaping helpings of "no!" and "I do it MYSELF!" and screaming followed by flopping on the floor. I wish I could tell you which child it was, but I am afraid it is both of them. We have started simply giving them five minutes in isolation, but I don't know how well it is working. The house is such, that these end up being in their bedrooms many times, and I know I don't want them to associate their bedrooms with punishment. Any thoughts out there? Tried and true solutions that have worked? As long as I'm in the asking mood, how about battling potty training? We are mostly there with the three year old, but she will NOT, I repeat NOT, sit on the toilet and stink it up, if you know what I mean. Our bathroom is really too small for her to have her own potty seat, and she has gone on more than one occasion before. She just will not do it now. Ever. Without all antics mentioned above. Oh, and school starts in three weeks. To quote the Beatles, "HELP!"

While many of you are in a panic with the start of another homeschooling year, we are biting our nails as we approach creating a new routine when Gia starts pre-school. Hubs is back to work on Monday, and she starts after Labor Day. I'm exciting and nervous at the same time. We are not early risers around here, and school starts at 8:15. Also, this makes me feel like I need to ante up as a mom. So far it's been small potatoes. Now begins that phase of classroom treats, teacher conferences, possibly school friends and parties...much bigger stakes! I can't wait to see how she blossoms as she enters the classroom. We are raising a nerd, fo' sho'!

Looking ahead to earlier mornings and possibly better habits, I have one word: breakfast. I have a hate/hate relationship with breakfast. I'm more a fan of second breakfast. (Can you have a second breakfast if you didn't really partake of the first?) So...I need your help again. What are some easy peasy lemon squeezy (but not real lemons) savory, healthy breakfasts? It is a rare morning where I can wolf down the sweet stuff. I've been thinking about getting some quinoa and keeping that in the fridge like a savory oatmeal-ish dish. Maybe mixing in some eggs and spinach. But variety. I needeth variety. And simplicity. Mama is not at her best in the wee hours of the morn (which is defined as anything before 9 a.m.). Grazie!!

Last, but not least...well kind of least...I have finally dug into Jen Hatmaker's book, 7. I had started it months ago, but was clearly not ready. Now, I am ready. Well, more ready. Have any of your read her book? Have you followed suit with her exercises in curbing excess? I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences! In the interest of full disclosure, I'm still in the middle of the first chapter on food and only a few days into reading. I'm intrigued though. Much praying and discerning, but I am ready to start climbing out of my excess. I haven't broached this with the Hubs yet to extend it to the whole family. Oh, husbaaaand.......!

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  1. Oh toddlerhood. I truly believe it is a time for testing, prayer, and more testing.

    I have heard of Jen Hatmaker's book a few times, but I'll have to actually put it on my list. I'm in desperate need of outside advice on how to pull myself up by the bootstraps and actually make some good, striving for sainthood changes.

    Breakfast is my favorite meal! I actually despise lunch! Our breakfasts revolve a lot around eggs. My sister-in-law makes egg muffins and makes enough to last the week for her and her kiddos. Mix a bunch of eggs and meats, veggies, spices of choice (bacon, ham, sausage, peppers, mushrooms, whatever you all love). She pours them into a greased muffin pan, pops them in a 350 degree oven for about 12-15 minutes (until eggs are cooked through) and VIOLA! egg muffins that you can pop in the microwave all week long. I'm sure there are tons of recipes for them on pinterest and google, but it's such a great idea. We also make a big batch of oatmeal (or quinoa) and everyone dishes some out in the morning with their choice of added ingredients (honey, berries, brown sugar, etc.). So easy when the coffee hasn't truly kicked in yet. :)