Friday, September 28, 2012

The Friday Fast Report: Death to Evening Surfing

I've talked a lot, both on the blog and in real life (or as the cool kids say, IRL) about the dying to self good parenting requires. I've talked about it both in good terms, but also in frustrated tones. As I was praying this week and reading some other blogs, it dawned on me that maybe I should chronicle not only the sacrifices, but the grace and joy that spring forth from them. So, the Friday Fast Report is born. This week - death to the evening iPod.

As part of a prayer and fasting group I'm involved with, we were challenged to fast and pray for the upcoming elections. Fasting doesn't necessarily have to be from food, and with two little ones in the house and the chaos that ensues at mealtime, that seemed like perhaps a little too much to take on right now anyway. I prayed about what it was that kept me distracted - from God, from my family, and the children especially. Enter electronic devices and the internet here.

So, my goal for the next 40 days at the very least (and if I can survive that time in the desert, I can probably survive that way permanently), is to put away the Facebook and the email, the Instragram and the blog from the time we have dinner until the kids are in bed. There can't be anything so urgent on any of those mediums that it can't wait until bedtime, or the next day for that matter. I probably need to make this overtly clear to people I work with/for, or they'll think I've abandoned my email. In the end, it will be worth it!

In the two days I've done this, Li'l G already seems more calm and joyful. It must be terrible to have to try to get your parents' attention from the glow of the screen... I think the grace and joy will flow like a river.

Check back for next week - we'll see what I'm being called to die to and what flows from the ensuing grace!

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