Saturday, September 29, 2012

One Step Forward, Ten Steps Back

How is that the line from The Godfather II go? Just when you think you're out, they pull you back in? Seems like parenting is living that line over and over. I should mention it's been a particularly rough week at our house. Between illnesses (ours and family), exhaustion, ridiculous work schedule and expensive repairs to the house's innards, we are pretty beaten and battered. 

In the midst of that, grace surely does still shine, but the thought that keeps coming to me is that I should never, ever think I'm finally getting it under control. We make some good progress, and then all kinds of heck break loose. Incidentally, also never ask what else could happen - "what else" will show you.

Li'l G has been recovering from an ear infection, in the process of getting a cold, and the Hubs was away for work for 3 days, so she has been having a tough week. I finally gave in the other night when I'd gotten up 4 times with her in two hours and let her come sleep with me. And Baby J. In one bed. Don't judge. I know - co-sleeping has its dangers, but I appreciate that the word includes within it the word "sleep." Though it wasn't much, it beat getting up every half hour through the night.

Oh, and did I mention that when the Hubs is away, the cats will play? All night? Loudly? Yeah. Sleep schmeep. 

Baby J, of course, is the most chill little baby ever. He just takes it all in usually, but even he was a little antsy that not everyone was home. He loves his daddy snuggle time for sure! I think our kids, though social in nature, will be homebodies. I'm so very much okay with that, which is a pretty huge change from my non-married, non-parent days. This social butterfly is just fine resting her wings for awhile. 

Praise God Hubbers is back safe and sound (as sound as we are going to be for the next several years at any rate!), and things are starting to get back to "normal."  Of course, we're out a few $K on a new furnace/ac system since ours rusted out. Not tin roof rusted. Rusted rusted. Are you kidding me? They didn't notice this during the service calls? Like I said, never ask "what else" to show its ugly head.

Through all of this, mama has definitely lost some easy-going, fun parent points as the temper has been a little shorter as of late. It seems like I'm just hitting my stride and then I lose it. Parenting definitely keeps you humble. You won't ever hear me say I've got it all together, because I spend really a lot of time looking for "it" all day. Speaking of which, let me know if you have connections at HGTV who want to come organize and remodel my house to my liking for optimal use and efficiency. We've got the heating and cooling covered!

To quote the wise Jim Halpert, "Lord, beer me strength." :)

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