Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Liebster Award - Part One

My husband is a faithful blogger (http://catholicbibles.blogspot.com). Yet, despite my love of writing and ability to network in person, I haven't quite mastered the art of blogger networking. So, thank you Mary (from Let Love Be Sincere) for the nomination - I hope I can find 9 people to invite! :) I'm excited to learn more about the people I see through their blogs!

I'm not really one to talk about myself, but this all begins with 11 things about myself.

1) I am an only child. No matter how much I begged, I couldn't convince my parents to get me a sibling. While most people I meet think I was lucky, I didn't (and don't) agree. The grass is always greener, I suppose. I had a happy childhood, but growing up an only child has made me long for a big family of my own. I think there is great value in giving my children lifelong friends in their siblings, and some reinforcement in dealing with aging and possibly insane parents.

2) I did not grow up Catholic. My family was (and remains) Hindu. This was somewhat awkward as a child in small town Iowa, but then again not really. My parents sheltered me as much as they could from apparent racism that I never knew existed at school, but it was still weird to be going to temples and festivals hours away and not church on Sunday. We were pretty marginal as Hindus, so I suppose it was less strange than if my parents were hardcore. They, being immigrants, also thought it important to raise me in the culture, so we were Hindus who had a Christmas tree with presents, listened to Christmas music and got visited by Santa and the Easter Bunny. My parents lived in New York City when they first moved to the United States, and at Christmas were deeply moved by Midnight Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral. The Christmas before my father died, I had the opportunity to take them once again to a midnight Mass, which they loved, in Calcutta. I wouldn't realize the profundity of the experience then, but it is not lost on me today.

3) I love to travel. I suppose that comes from parents who loved to travel, and having been carted across oceans and continents from the time I was 6 months old. I have been to various places in Asia and Europe, had the privilege of going to Australia "for work" and traveled quite a bit throughout North America. I hope to help my children grow in their appreciation of travel and cultures to know the beauty that exists in God's creation, human and landscape.

4) I feel deeply called to travel on mission. I know the time is not right. When my husband and I went on our second date, we sat and talked about our past and our dreams - it was a sign of good things to come to me that one of the things he wanted to do was go to Africa (and adopt a child as well). We still feel very called to go at some point, but know with two little ones at home, the time may not come for a while yet.

5) I am a tortured artist on the inside. While I enjoyed my stint in political science and student affairs, and I feel deeply connected to ministry, if I had known myself better and not worried about getting a job or what people would think or if I was any good, I think I would have done something more creative. Photography, writing, graphic design, pottery, even a little sketching and painting. Nothing feeds my spirit like a good creative burst.

6) I, Rakhi McCormick, am a slob trying to find her inner neat freak. Cleaning and organizing are not my natural inclination...until I can't stand the clutter and mess anymore - then stand clear! Nevertheless, however much I might aspire to have the Pinterest perfect house, I need to come to terms with the fact that while I might be able to create some elements of creative clutter control, I will likely achieve organized chaos for now.

7) I like to think I'm pretty funny. I'm also a reserved crazy person. Most often I come across as rather serene and collected. There is, however, a crazy side to me that loves to sing at the top of my lungs with the windows down, dance like a fool, laugh until I'm forced to run to the bathroom lest I have a big girl accident, take off on spontaneous road trips and just engage in general tomfoolery and silliness. This part of me comes out much less now that I am a wife and mother, and that makes me a little sad. I think my family likes Fun Rakhi.

8) I struggle with body image. I'm sure that's nothing unique, but I think it is important to own so we can conquer it. I have a great desire to be healthy and lose a little weight in that effort, but my greater desire is to see myself as beautiful regardless of my waistline, hairline and lines/bags under the eyes. I want to conquer it so my daughter remembers that her mother always embraced her own beauty regardless of all those varying factors so she can feel the freedom to see herself that way no matter what the world says or sees.

9) I'm an aspiring foodie conflicted about the appreciation of fine food. I love gourmet food and trying new cuisines, but struggle with the knowledge that millions of people do not have enough to eat, a great number of them children. I love watching the Food Network until that silet voice starts taking note of how much food is wasted and how expensive the ingredients are. I'm not sure I want to fix that fight - it may be pretty healthy in the long run.

10) I love snuggling with my babes, but also can't wait until they're a little older so we can take grand adventures without me wanting to poke my eyes and ears out. (Small adventures are fine, just not long ones with them both yet.) I love watching them discover new things just in the ordinary every day happenings of life, and can't wait to explore the world at large out there. Stargazing, wave jumping, nature collecting, trail hiking, rock collecting - can't wait!

11) Patience is not a virtue that comes without struggle for me. I graduated high school a year early at 16 because I couldn't wait to move on. I whined and pleaded to be married to every boy I had a crush on for 13 years before I finally surrendered to God's plan. In fact, I believe even in my surrender I gave God a deadline. It went something like, "ok, Lord, I want to be married and I believe you want me to be married, but if I'm wrong then show me. I'll be single, I'll even discern religious life if that's what you really want, but I don't think it is. So you're going to need to make it clear. If I'm right, bring me my husband by the end of the year." This was in October; I started dating my husband in December. Apparently He just needed to know I'd be willing to follow...

Coming next...the answers to Mary's 11 questions. Wait for it............

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  1. Rakhi-
    I loved this so so so much. I just learned so much about you it is ridiculous. did I read that right, that you went to midnight mass with your parents in calcutta? Craziness.
    Also- I have thought this many times, I think you should actively pursue photography (I know you do) you are VERY gifted at it. VERY. I have Russ take pictures of my boys because he started with them young, he is an alumni and he is talented, but if he wasn't around, I would completely be having you take all of our family pictures.
    Body image struggles? Um, yes and thank you- I should do a post about my own struggles there.
    And two more things
    1) It sucks to be a natural slob struggling to be neat, especially with two young babies, I am there with you, I hear you, and you should see my bedroom right now. I actually should take a picture to let you know whatever your struggles are...it could be worse.
    2) How cool that you have been able to give your children the gift of each other and you know how precious that is because it is something you longed for. SO COOL