Friday, April 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Time Traveling Edition

A heartfelt hello and welcome back to Jen, who hosts Seven Quick Takes over at Conversion Diary. So glad your family is back under one roof and swimming along! Visit her blog for some deep insights, laughs and of course, more Seven Quick Takes. Here's our time traveling edition from this week (which I started before I even saw Jen's trip down memory lane!):

Ok, so perhaps our Delorean is not flying by to take us Back to the Future. Perhaps I don't even have a flux capacitor. However, this week feels like it has flown by and stood still all at once. That must be some kind breach of the time-space continuum, right? When, oh when, did April fly by, and where, oh where, is spring?

It has been an incredibly hectic week, what with the Hubs working almost every evening. We have been like two ships passing in the night, and by passing I mean dividing and conquering bedtime.  The weekend is arriving and we are off to an annual conference hoping to maybe have an adult conversation that doesn't include topics such as poo, diapers, medicine or bedtime routines. Maybe, just maybe we will come out winners.

Speaking of diapers, be warned of upcoming mommy TMI. Skip to #3 if you don't want to share in my odd ponderings. I'm wondering if anyone else has found the phenomenon of waiting until mommy has put on a clean diaper to then, well, soil it shall we say. Anyone? It seems to be a recurring theme in our home, which makes me feel like perhaps I should borrow the conveyor belt from Lucy and Ethel's stint at the chocolate factory. Haven't seen it? Here you go:

I realized this morning that I have been having many grace filled moments lately. Oh, did I mention today was opposite day? I've achieved that level of self awareness where I know I need help in managing the household, but I'd rather just do it myself because otherwise it isn't done "right." Clearly by "right," I mean "my way" which is inherently the right way. This all came to a climax last night when the Hubs, who has been working overtime this week, tried to help do a load of laundry because we needed some clean items for the kids and me. Because of J's skin issues, I've had to set the load for an extra rinse and heavy stain setting. When I went down to get clothes out of the dryer (that have been there for the week), I saw that he'd set the washer to quick wash, light stains and water save rinse - the complete opposite of what I normally do. Had I told him what I normally do with the kids' clothes? No, but clearly being one flesh means he should JUST KNOW! In very tender tones (remember that it is opposite day), I casually mentioned that perhaps this load may not have been done according doctor's orders. Awesome. Gold star for a grace filled moment. (not.)

Seasons of creativity are intriguing. I find that as I write more, I photograph less. As I photograph more, I write less. Inspiration hits differently at different times, and the whole impetus behind my creativity is no doubt to express some sentiments and thoughts, some beauty and spirit. I'm fascinated by this ebb and flow. No doubt some of the flow would be equally written and snapped if I would simply dump the photos from my phone onto my computer so that I have space for more pictures.

I have a shoe problem. For the whole winter I did marvelously well containing myself, wearing really only three pairs of shoes. Black boots, brown boots and tennis shoes...with the occasional heel thrown in for formal events. Now that we are nearing open toe season, and with the changes in my feet from the second pregnancy, I find that I am lacking in cute shoes. I'm trying to curb that temptation by remembering my desire to simplify, but cute shoes are winning! Li'l G hasn't quite picked up the shoe love yet. That was an outing that ended worse than expected.

I've been struggling a lot this week with an old tension in how the world is. From a young age I was mystified by the mothers who didn't want their children, or single teens who just kept getting pregnant, while so many people so desperately want, but can't have (or lose) children. My parents struggled with infertility for 15 years before I came along, so it is a pain I know intimately. As yet another person I know has lost their child this week, and in the wake of all the utter nonsense of the Goswell trial, my heart aches. I am outraged and stupefied. I just don't understand. I don't understand the purpose behind the trials my friends have gone through, and the quite literal trial. All I can do, as I had to yesterday to move on with my day, is to throw my hands up and give it all to the Lord saying I don't understand your ways, but there better be a d@%# light at the end of this tunnel. My heart aches...

To leave you on a non-Debbie-Downer note, here are a few goodies I did manage to capture on "film"...

Good morning world! This boy loves looking out
the window and yelling at...well, nothing really.

My child passes out in toy bins, also known as his pack'n'play.
Please don't let this be an indicator as to his future endeavors!

Get off me, Judester!
(Yes, that is what she now calls him.)


  1. I love what you said about even though being one flash, he should just know! I feel the exact way sometimes, and have even said it to Jim. And he's like, "But I don't know so help me figure it out in a loving way." Cause sometimes I am not so hot at that ;-)
    Here's to hoping your weekend conference is poo free conversations! ;-)

  2. Oh yes, they definitely do wait. I KNOW they do! We do mostly cloth diapers so it is especially frustrating. :)