Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Beatitude Attitude [vol. 1]

I've been seeing and participating in linkups around the blogosphere and had a brainchild late last night while I was up with a very uncomfortable little boy....why don't I host a link up too? I'll probably only have 3 people, but hey, Jesus started small too. Then I wondered what it could be... I had tried running a blog called the Good News Gazette a few years ago sharing bits of joyful, good news to try to break through the bleakness that is network news most days. It proved to be a lot of work! While I'd love to eventually have the time to troll the interwebs for such stories (and the Cornhuskers gave us a great one this weekend), I prayed about what I might be able to offer as a link up that could be helpful and give glory to God. This morning provided me my answer.

Perhaps because this morning I needed to be intentional about counting my blessings, or perhaps because I really have been praying about how to be more thankful, or perhaps because Madame Blueberry is on repeat this morning to keep the peace, I realized that I need help in maintaining a 'beatitude attitude," (or beattitude, shall we say?). So Beatitude Attitude Tuesday is born, where I share seven blessings from our life and invite you to do the same. Perhaps together we can bring a little light into our own worlds so we can brighten the world around us... (Yes, I'm in Michigan and yes, it is a dreary morning. What?) So here we go:

1) Blessed am I when the babies want to snuggle in the morning. There is nothing more comforting than warm snuggles to start the day.

2) Blessed am I that the Hubbers really doesn't care for the most part that our living room looks like Tropical Storm G has passed through it within 10 minutes of waking. He has always wanted to experience a hurricane...though I'm not sure this was what he meant.

3) Blessed am I that the coffee is brewed most mornings by the time I get up with the kids, and I'm most aware of it on the mornings it doesn't greet me.

4) Blessed am I that God doesn't sigh at me as much as I sigh at my children. Crumbs on the floor and dumped out blocks will clean up just fine, with or without sighing.

5) Blessed am I that most mornings my children allow me to shower in peace without meltdowns.

6) Blessed am I when I get to finish a hot cup of coffee...it is a rare pleasure these days.

7) Blessed am I that I get bear hugs and chicken kisses and eat-my-face kisses from my little lovies. I know it will embarrass them one day too soon.

What are your blessings this week?


  1. Coffee will return tomorrow! :) Still getting back adjusted to the work week wake-ups!

  2. Made me laugh out loud that you refer to G as a tropical storm...#4 was a good one too:)

  3. Wow! I just found this and I'm really looking forward to participating! Great theme!

  4. Thanks, Anna! Would love to have you join me and share!!