Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Five Faves {4.17.13}

Here's a glimpse into a few things I'm enjoying this week:

1) Vintage/Retro fashions: I've been struggling with my post-mom figure as many of us do. Combine that frustration with the modern day cuts and styling, and my prudish sensibilities along with curve discomfort have been at an all time high - I can rarely come home from a shopping trip with things I really like. Recently, I made a commitment to try to "thrift before new retail" for my wardrobe. This weekend, I hit the jackpot!  (Look for another Nifty Thrifty post this weekend!) It's not all retro/vintage, but the pieces I picked up that were fit me to a tee and make me feel beautiful and confident. I figured it out - I just don't fit in today's sizing and styling. Dear current fashion world, it's not me, it's you. You suck so I'm going to search out your older and wiser forerunners. Sincerely, me.

2) Lip Gloss: What are two beauty items my mom never leaves home without? Powder and lipstick, neither of which I use on any regular basis. Let's be honest - with two littles, we are lucky if I remember to wash my face if we aren't going somewhere! While that may not be entirely true, the old makeup regime is just now making a comeback, and the lips are generally ignored as I run out the door. Enter lip gloss. Love. My friend bought me one with a little shimmer a few years back as a joke (we had a funny conversation about the fate of children named Shimmer and Sparkle that was less than gracious so it will not be detailed here), but I loved it. So when I saw a similar tube at Payless of all places, I picked it up with high hopes. It did not disappoint, except in failing to have a built in locator as it is always hiding. It's sheer enough that I don't feel too painted, but adds just enough color that it makes me look and feel a little more lively. Sadly, the Hubs is not a fan of lip gloss smooches, though generally that presents itself as a challenge. Challenge accepted....

3) Dove Beauty Experiment: We always talk about how we are our worst enemies when it comes to body image. This video from Dove highlighting a "sketchy" experiment allows us to concretely visualize how true that is.

4) Rosary App: While there is no substitute for the full sensory experience of praying the rosary with beads in hand, I always seem to need something to keep me focused and on count. I recently came across an app for that. There are certainly many rosary apps to choose from, but I love this one created by Valent Richie. You can read an interview the Hubbers recently conducted with him on his blog, Catholic Bibles, to find out more.

5) Pajamas: Let's just say it has been a long while since mama has had some real pajamas. Since the birth of Li'l G, I've basically paired whatever pair of knit or flannel pants were close with a t-shirt that would eventually end up dirty anyway. Enter March 2013 and new, real pajamas. Now we're not talking anything fancy or lacy or racy, because let's be real - I still have mom duties in the wee hours and I'm definitely all about comfort these days anyway. They are, however, matching capris and t-shirt, with cute grey, yellow, and white flowers/polka dots. I hear grey and yellow is all the rage - look at me being all fashion current! Anyway, love the pajamas - they actually make me feel human and not like a slovenly monster that mopes around the house running after little people.

To see what other superfragilistic favorites people are talking about this week, visit Hallie at Moxie Wife! Be sure to tell her how beautiful Charlie is!


  1. Can't wait to read your thrifting post! I have some lip gloss w/ some shimmer and a little color too. Love it, and I find it lasts longer than lipstick.

  2. Beautiful video! :) It brought tears to my eyes. I am a huge fan of lipgloss, too!

  3. Loved your #3. Wow, that was awesome. I want to link that sometime too :).

    Trying that rosary App!