Friday, May 3, 2013

7 Quick Takes: TGIF!

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Here we are again at another 7 Quick Takes. Let me first say, thank God it's Friday. No, really, I praise Him with all my being! Now, for a quick spin through our week...

Celebrating Firsts: Park, Swings and Cheerios - I think you've possibly heard me say, along with probably every other parent of small children in the northern climates, hooray for warmer weather and sunshine!! Let's kick off the recap with joy. This week we celebrated some firsts. While many other children are eating Cheerios well before my little bud, he seemed to not quite get the hang of eating solid solids for awhile. No puffs, no Cheerios, no finger foods. The ones he occasionally found on the floor from his sister made their way into his mouth and it was clear he wasn't ready. This week, I figured we'd give it another go, so I broke some Cheerios in half and gave it a try. The boy loves his Cheerios, though we are still working on the old hand to mouth coordination. Loves being a big boy and feeding himself though, just like his sister. In other news, the weather has finally warmed up enough to take these hooligans outside, so the one evening we were home this week so far, and it wasn't raining, off to the park with us! The first trip is always great, though someone never wants to come home... This trip included Baby J's first go on the swings and he absolutely loves it as much as his sister, though I'm still pretty sure she will be the daredevil (albeit clumsy), not him. Please pay no attention to the pajamas...

Growing Pains: Teeth and Tantrum - The boy has sprouted another tooth on the bottom, and I am pretty sure I see another one starting to make its way to the surface on the top. Fun times, fun times. I think we should invest some money in researching drool as an alternative energy source. We would make MILLIONS....muahahahaha... Oh, sorry. The teething, coupled with toddler tantrums, our favorite new word (no) and grunting (who knows!), makes me fairly certain we could stage our own version of Growing Pains, sans Kirk Cameron. Sorry Christine. As a wise friend told me, these are all stages, though some move more slowly than others. May the grunting fits move at sonic speeds. I do have to say, that between the tantrums, Li'l G is still the most polite child I could hope for, with lots of please, thank you, amens, hugs, kisses and Your Grace is Enough to go around. It's just a's just a stage...

Nifty Thrifty Purses for a Cause - I was noticing the other day that my everyday purse already has a hole in it and the straps are fraying (boo). Then I noticed my computer bag is also tearing. Add to this the fact that my fancy schmancy event/evening wear bag doesn't stay clasped, causing everything to fall out, and one might say I had a purse crisis on my hands! Yet, I really want to go thrift/resale for things I want. What is a girl to do?!? Thank goodness there is a used purse sale going on to raise money for our ministry, Mary's Mantle! All purses are $5 and go to support our residential ministry for homeless pregnant women, especially those considering abortion. I have definitely done my part to help. If you are in the metro Detroit area, you should consider coming to the big pre-sale at Faith@Work in Troy, on the corner of Wattles (17 Mile) and John R. on Tuesday, May 7. There were Coach, Fendi, Vera Wang, Brighton and Vera Bradley purses to choose from among others...$5, ladies! Some new, some gently used, all for a great cause.

This leads me to a slight bit of a rant, though. Ladies, if you are ever donating purses (or anything, really), please clean them inside and out...unless you want to leave money of course. I can't tell you the number of bags that came in with some bits and pieces left, the ones that are torn, the ones that are sticky on the inside from some candy mishap. That's right, I said sticky. Not everyone will want to lug home a gross fake Prada to wash out. I read something from Mother Teresa once that always makes me stop and look at what I am giving. She said if we are tossing away our excess, then we are not really giving. If we are giving away our garbage, what does that say about our view of those we are giving it to? Anyway, just be mindful that when you give, you give your best...or at least your clean! Rant over. On to happier thoughts.

Springing into New Life: For those who know me, you may know me as a gal who loves her some autumn. The leaves, the color, the cooler weather, the smell of a fire...mmmm, autumn. This year, there is sometime about spring that has me captivated. The new life budding forth, the smell of fresh earth....everything smells fresh and new....and sneezy. Darn allergies. Maybe it is my own soul seeking refreshment or newness, but spring, you have me at hello this year.

Oh Wednesday, You Are So Cruel: I have mentioned before that the Hubbers works two evenings a week during the collegiate school year. Wednesday is one of those evenings. I am home all day on Wednesdays, not working on location. In addition, I am part of a prayer and fasting group that fasts on Wednesday. A brutal mix on limited sleep...brutal mix. I'm convinced the devil comes after me hard and fast from the moment I awake. I am more selfish, the toddler and infant antics are more grating, the Hubs can't do anything right, and all is basically not right with the world. I try take the kids out to break up the day a little, so Wednesday is usually our shopping day. It does tend to help, though sometimes it just sends us spiraling into impending doom. This was one of those Wednesdays. Such was the already existing doom that I dared not leave the domicile with said toddler and infant. The growing pains were excruciating. I do not like this tension. I do not want to recoil or fume, yet that is still my first instinct. In fact, it is a darn good thing that most weeks I write my Five Faves link up with Hallie the day before, or my five favorite things might end up resembling the picture on the left. Oh, how far I have to go...please pray for me! Did I mention there's only one week of evening classes left? Hooray!!

A Pitter Pattering Facelift: No, mama isn't going under the knife you crazy people! I may be approaching 40, but I'm ok with that. If anything, I'd be finding some more hair for my head, but that's another vanity for another day. This pertains to this here website. I've been working on some projects and design changes, and eventually a brand new URL! Eventually creeps closer and closer. This weekend may even play host to the aesthetic makeover if I have the time to be sure that I still have all the whatsits and whatnots functioning properly. Those whatnots are pretty darn important. Anyway, I'm excited about the new look. It's brighter, cleaner and I think represents the heart of The Pitter Patter Diaries a little better, like any good "custom design", self-made or not. ;) Stay tuned!

Finding a Voice: Part of the last few months has also been spent just writing a lot to try to figure out my own voice in a land that is filled with voices. While there are many of you who I enjoy reading immensely, I find that sometimes I begin to take on the voices I am reading. Though imitation is indeed a form of flattery, I was really seeking to find my own voice, my own niche, not to a great success as I got pulled every which way. I enjoy a good link up, clearly, but they weren't helping me really find my own voice. Two things happened this week that have cleared up a few things. First was the Renewal Ministries gathering. There, I was convicted about being sure that I am always seeking His glory, and not my own. As one of the speakers taught us, we really only need to be the jack@$$ Jesus rides in on. I would only add that sometimes we busy ourselves trying to be Jesus instead of the jack@$$. The second moment was actually today as I was talking with someone who was sharing that they continue to get requests to speak, when they really hate doing that (whereas I love to speak). Her husband reminded her, quite insightfully, that the Lord sometimes uses us in ways we don't feel equipped because it requires that we lean on Him. How profound. Put both those experiences together and I think I have my answer. I don't need to worry about finding my voice, I need to worry about finding His and sharing it. I don't need to worry that my writing isn't as popular as yours down the road - as Mother Teresa said, we are not called to be successful, only faithful. Yes, I quote her a lot. I know. So there you have it. Not my voice, but His. Not my glory, but His. Not I, but Christ in me.

Have a joyful, bright weekend! Love 'em like Jesus!


  1. I can relate to number one and two for sure! I like that whole His voice in me thing. I think that is when we are most authentic huh?

  2. Love your #7! Well said-- we need to find His and share it. Thank you for that!

    Also, liked your number 5 :).

  3. hooray for warm weather! I feel for you about #5- long days w/ early mornings can be killer. And #7- I can def. relate! Great point.