Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Five Faves: Ode to Verily

Lights, camera, action - let's go with this week's Five Favorites linkup with Hallie at Moxie Wife. That's right, credits roll at the end these days.


That's right. I love this movie. From it's killer soundtrack to the Thriller dance off, this movie had me at hello (wrong movie, I know). I admit it, I was one of those unpopular, awkward girls who probably would have been sitting in a closet somewhere wishing to be a Six Chick if MHS had Six Chicks, definitely dreaming of what life would be like when I was older. I didn't have a Matty (or if I did, I was pretty darn clueless about it). This movie captures a bit of the innocence in all of us that felt that marginalization, that hope that life would be simpler, that the snotty bleepity bleeps don't win in the end. That there is something about beauty that is eternal, and nostalgic, and pure. Ain't no shame, this one's in my top ten for sure...well, top five today. Which brings me to 


Oh, Verily Magazine, where have you been all my life (especially in my awkward teen years!)? I know, this isn't the first time I've shared this. I know the love letters have already been written and I may be late to the game, but if I could recommend a magazine to every woman out there who may be interested in fashion, music, motherhood, love, relationships, beauty, art, science, technology, (get the picture?), this would be it. In fact, I could dedicate the rest of this Five Favorites to the many things I love about this magazine. Indeed, I shall!

Real life fashion. While fashion trends don't always fit my lifestyle, personal expression or budget, Verily interprets what is happening in the fashion world in a way that even I can catch on. I'm nowhere near fashion forward (or even fashion current), so it is nice to be able to get some coaching about how I can wear some of the trends in a way that makes sense in my life and doesn't break the bank. I LOVE that they did a Runway to Realway feature, using every day women. I LOVE the message this sends that size alone is not a measure of our beauty and fashionability. I may have just made up a new word. 

Inspiration. Verily champions true feminine genius. I haven't once run across some lame quiz about losing weight or having the best sex of my life. THANK YOU. What I have run across are stories about entrepreneurs, civic leaders, wives and mothers from whom I can learn. I've learned why my advanced degree isn't wasted on my children and spouse if I choose to stay home. I have learned about women who are forging the way as entrepreneurs who dedicate themselves to improving the lives of others through their products and companies. I've taken solace in reading about the struggles other women (and men) have in their work, their relationships and their lives and sharing what they have learned. I've laughed along, nodded my head in solidarity, and started dreaming bigger dreams (as well as being content in the one I'm living).

Approachability. Whether by email, Twitter or Facebook, the ladies at Verily are incredibly easy to interact with as a reader/fan. While I don't know them at all, the staff all seem down to earth and like women I'd happily call friends. They've taken on a huge task, basically bringing the redesigned Poise out of the movies and into our lives in the jungle that is the fashion industry (have you seen this?). Sadly, not everyone has received Verily's fresh perspective with warm hearts and open arms, but as my mom used to say, that's a sign you're doing things right.

That wraps up the Ode to Verily, Five Favorites style. Time to go watch 13 Going on 30! (PS - do any of you ladies at Verily have a pink dreamhouse with glitter wish powder in your closet? No? Ok, so my suspicions may be off base...) Head on over to Moxie Wife for more favorites!

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  1. Thanks for the rec! I hadn't heard of Verily but I am subscribed to their feed now :). I love your post signature too!!

  2. I ain't never heard of that magazine, looks like Imma have to check it out :)

  3. Okay, I SO want to order Verily! I think it might have to wait until Christmas, though.
    And- I love that movie, it's a keeper. Def. a great soundtrack.

    1. Sounds like a great Christmas gift idea! And the bonus is that you can keep up with a lot of the feature articles on their website. It's not completely restricted to a print/iPad subscription.

  4. Sounds like a cool magazine! I'll have to take a gander at it.