Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Life in Pictures

For those of you who I'm friends with on Facebook, you probably saw a link to an article I shared this morning. For those of you who are not, I'm going to share it again (and even if you already read it, go ahead - read it again!). It's an article by Alison Tate about our hesitation as mothers to get our pictures taken until we're [enter condition here]. Her bottom line - the kids don't care, they'll remember the moments not the waistline. Here's her article:

As I watched the reaction from moms, I realized that so many of us are caught in that trap of making sure we are perfect before presenting ourselves (or preserving ourselves on film). Beyond the pictures in the hospital post-birth where you have free license to look like you're recovering from an onslaught by the undead (and let's face it - we still compare ourselves to other women who miraculously look like they just stepped out of a salon), we are uncomfortable for the most part stepping onto film, digital or otherwise. We are ashamed that we are not bouncing back to our pre-baby bodies, and for some of us, we didn't like those either. We want to lose weight, take care of blemishes, find a closet for those bags under our eyes, etc etc etc dot dot dot. There is always something - probably even for the supermodel if we got her pinned under hot lamps and got her to 'fess up. 

That's why I like an ad that's out there for Weight Watchers with Jessica Simpson right now. I love that she has embraced the media crap about her weight, knows she needs to be healthy, but says "hey, I'm a woman and a mom, not a supermodel, and I just want to be the best me for my daughter - she's all that matters." Of course she has a hair and makeup team to prep her for film, but still, love the sentiment.

There are so many times we are busy as moms documenting our babies' lives on film and in type, that we sometimes forget that we need to document that we were actually part of it and not just standing on the sidelines watching. The photographer in me loves to click away, but reading that article, I realized that I rarely am clicked with my children...usually because if the Hubbers is home I'm in my pajamas or haven't bathed, and who wants to see that? That's the point though, isn't it? We need to not care - not every picture needs to be public or posted on Facebook. 

We need to ask. We need to be sure we are being filmed and noted with our kids, because when they look back at the pictures they're going to want to know we were a part of their lives, not just that they were stinkin' cute kids. So, grab your husband, grab a friend, go on a playdate with your kids and let them capture you in real life. Not posed life - those are okay too, but capture the real moments. That scream when you push her on the swing. The wide eyes as they slide for the first time. The gaping mouth when they're surprised by you sneaking up on them. Get it all and make sure you're in it. We all wait for the money shot - life isn't about the money shots, it's about making sure we capture the little moments no matter how many days you've been wearing the same pair of jeans or have gone without washing your hair or putting on makeup. Besides, with some fun photo filters, no one will ever know! (This is where I love the phone apps for photography!)

In that spirit, I spent a few minutes with both the babes today getting some fun photos, as you see above. Baby J had no clue what the heck was going on. Li'l G made a few faces and moved on to shaking her little booty to some music. Once we're back on the healthy train again, let's schedule some playdates, shall we?? I'll bring my cameras if you bring yours! Just don't notice that we didn't do the laundry... :)

SIDENOTE: As a photographer and a mom, I also suggest you find a photographer who you like and is willing to work within your pricerange to do some more "formal" sessions throughout the year...well, at least one anyway for the whole family. Make sure they're willing to let you do formal and fun if that's what you're looking for - generally the independent photographer will be your best bet. We went with a studio for ours, and I was not pleased with the overall experience, especially knowing what I think it's important to offer my clients. With two little ones, my availability is a little more limited, but hey, call me maybe? I'd also recommend Noel Kelley Photography - she does amazing work!


  1. I love this, Rakhi. G is lucky to have a female role model like you.

  2. No, I just recommend you. :)
    GREAT post