Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Belated Worship Wednesday

Yes, I know it's Thursday. And yes, I know worship is far deeper than music and videos. Now that my disclaimers are out of the way, hopefully putting your mind at ease about my sanity and apparent piety (or lack thereof), here's another glimpse at part of the transforming mashup blog. Every (ish) Wednesday (ish), will be Worship Wednesday, where I share a song that lifts my spirit to heaven and pulls me into the heart of Christ. Clearly, not all of you will like my selections - they are in nature personal preferences which give a glimpse of my personal relationship with Jesus.

Here's the deal - you don't like my picks? You can guest post! If you have a song (with an appropriate video link) that moves you into deep worship and you want to share, write me with the link, the name of the song & artist, and a short description of why you like the song/artist. That's all there is to it! And now, a little Matt Maher.

Matt Maher has quickly become my favorite Christian artist. In no small part it is because he is Catholic, but has bridged the gap between Catholic and non-Catholic Christian music. His music is current, with the quality mirroring what you would find in secular music. He himself is one of the most humble and holy men I have ever met - given the possibility of a bulging ego, he has absolutely none. In addition, moms, he is a father of a toddler - send him your prayers! ;)

He has introduced Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament to audiences who may never in their lives have met the Lord in this way, and may even in their theology think that's off. And yet, through his music, and through his own relationship with Christ, he has brought them into worship in that way. Here is Holy, Holy, Holy by Matt Maher - you can find this on a couple of Christian Music compilations, or by searching Matt Maher on iTunes.


  1. Hadn't heard this one before . . . not sure how I missed it . . . I like the way he lets the song "breathe" after each line of "Holy, Holy Holy", it gave me time to reflect on each line of the song. And, as always, he has a contemporary twist on a beautiful classic. A+++ (Then again I can't think of a single song Mr Maher has done that doesn't impress me.)

  2. What a great idea, me some Matt Maher :)

  3. Wait till you hear the new Theandric album...