Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mommy TMI

Motherhood changes you. Let me start again. Childbirth changes you. After anyone and everyone has seen pretty much everything you've got, inside and out, there's little left to keep hidden.

I find this sometimes bleeds into what we are willing to talk about as well, and can quite easily sympathize with single or non-parent friends who find our new topics of conversation droll and downright annoying. In some sense, I would think that males of a certain age might actually fit right into the conversation, with topics centering on bodily functions so often.

For instance, one new blog name that was tossed around quite sarcastically was House of Poo. We don't mean Winnie. With one who can't stop and one who struggles, it's a constant topic of conversation, which I'm sure in future years the littles will roll their eyes about. I'm sure there's an aspiring psychologist out there that could write a dissertation on this as well...too bad yours is already done, Uncle Matt!!

I'll be honest, you talk about what you live and love, and our lives are consumed with the comings and goings of littles now, for better or worse (I assert it's the better).

So, I apologize if at times conversation is kidcentric or offers too much graphic insight into our lives. I try to restrain, but my sensibilities are forever altered.

And back to our house o'... Well, you get the idea.

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  1. love it! Sometimes I struggle with the TMI, because I would like to share more about the ins and outs of parenting/nfp/marriage/sex/all that good stuff, but as long as I am a CYM and connect through 'the facebook' I have to be careful.
    Next year...
    it's on!