Thursday, April 11, 2013

Five Faves 4.11.13

First and foremost, congratulations to Hallie on the birth of her son, Charlie. Of course he would be your five faves this week! Go check him out at Moxie Wife! Also a prayer of thanksgiving for Jen over at Conversion Diary on a healthy delivery after all the maternity drama. More prayers that her baby boy will be out of NICU and reunited with them sooner rather than later! (Apparently, my fertility calendar didn't get the memo that Catholic mom bloggers were birthing babies this spring. I'm kind of thankful for that to be honest.) Now my five faves that came to me whilst up with a baby:

1) Facebook. Yes, I know it has its shadow side, and giant shadow at that. However, you can't deny that it is a powerful tool as well. This is evidenced by this page I ran across yesterday put together by family trying to reunite a holocaust survivor with his lost twin brother. Both were taken to Auschwitz, but ended up separated. If you want to help, check out their Facebook page:

2) I heart these earrings. I haven't been wearing earrings an awful lot what with two babies in the house (apparently for good reason as one of them got accidentally yanked from my ear this morning). These, however, are easily in my top 5 pairs I own. They are small, which minimizes the possibility of said yanking, though clearly not eliminating it. Mostly, though, they remind me of our honeymoon. These were found in a wee little shop in Boboli Gardens on the Florence "leg" of our trip. Sigh. I miss Italy.

3) I came across this little bottle o' goodness at Meijer as I was picking up my "usual" styling product. It looked intriguing, made enticing promises for a gal with thin, fine and sparse hair, and is made by Schwarzkopf. What poli sci major with fine hair wouldn't want to try it out?? Absolutely delivers on its promise to thicken and plump up the ol' hairs, and it smells lovely. People think I'm wearing a light perfume - not so, it's me hair! It is also reasonably priced (compared to salon brands, not Suave). Thinking about stocking up in case they decide to discontinue it, which tends to be my luck.

4) Hi. Meet Elliott. I'm not sure why he hasn't been part of our family from 2010 when Li'l G needed a humidifier. I went down the "traditional" humidifier route based on reviews. Oh, what a fool I was. Elliott has become my favorite pet. Sorry Hamlet and Noel - he's quiet, he helps us sleep and he cleans up easily. Oh, and I can turn him off when I don't need him. The only downside is that every time I think "Elliott," I think of ET saying it. So it's not really a downside, just amusing.

5) Oh, that crazy French Madame Blueberry. I have grown to love her, which is a good thing since Li'l G likes to watch her on repeat daily. "Last time, mama!" (which really means "one more time until I ask again"). I've been working on counting my blessings, so watching it every day is really okay for me. "A thankful heart is a happy heart," sung along by my 2 year old is a fine reminder in the morning. So much so, that I've started my own little link-up called Beatitude Attitude. Yeah, that name may not last, but the rhyming was just too tempting! Come and play along, won't you? Share your thankful heart to inspire us all to greater gratitude!

Now for a little eye candy from a wedding we attended this past weekend. I do love old churches. Draws the eyes and heart to something greater... 

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  1. I love how you put it all out there! Thanks for sharing your memories and insights. So valuable.
    - Nancy