Thursday, April 11, 2013

7QT: Bacon, Maternal Health and Li'l Rocker G

Congratulations to Jen at Conversion Diary on the birth of her son, Joseph! Please keep Jen, Joseph and the whole family in prayer as they wait for their sweet boy to be released from NICU. For more Quick Takes this week, visit Grace at Camp Patton (who is guest hosting) at

Now, get ready, get set, here we go!

We've given up our cable, but it seems like I still see a metric ton of commercials. I've shudder to think what lifeforms from a different planet or a future generation will think. Clearly, men of this millenium have some serious issues with ED (you know, THAT dysfunction). I mean, there must be a HUGE epidemic given the number of commercials I see. I'm amazed there are any babies being conceived at all! I won't get on my soapbox about how ridiculous I think this is, and how much more ridiculous the health care coverage inequities are. (For instance, no one argues against prescription coverage for this problem, but apparently we have to stage a national outcry for them to not remove mammogram coverage for women over 40.) Oops. Stepping off soapbox now. 

Perhaps a bit too far...

The Iowa pig farmers have a powerful lobby. Bacon is all the rage. It's everywhere. I'm not complaining. I love Iowa and I love bacon. Props to you hog farmers, props to you. You make some tasty treats. 

Having had complications with low blood pressure and hemorrhaging when Baby J was born, this article about a modified wrap helping to reduce maternal mortality really hit home. I'm so thankful that we have access to the best medical care in the world, and that I never knew at the time exactly how serious the complications were (though the extra several hours and multiple nurses kind of tipped me off a little). Praise God for those trying to even the playing field for women in matters of life and death - it's not a game after all. Thanks to Just Jilly for passing along the link.

This week we had some fun with a playdate at a kids playzone thingamabobber. Yes, that is the official name. Li'l G takes a little time to warm up when we get somewhere with a lot of people. Once she has figured things out, though, it's off to the races. She loved this little place, though it was a bit on the pricey end for mama. It was set up with themed mini-rooms for the little people. G's faves? Top of the list was the music studio with guitars and piano. The kid thinks she's a rockstar. Next? ALL the rooms. Somewhere there is a meme there. Thanks to Jenna from Call Her Happy for the invite! Perhaps at a future playdate the kids will actually play WITH each other.

With a little homage to En Vogue, we are "back to life, back to reality" this week. Having the Hubbers home for a week over Easter break was a welcome treat, and a lovely taste of summer break to come. Sure, Li'l G gets away with a lot more and everyone's routines go down the crapper a bit, but it is nice to have the whole family at home and be able to go on small adventures together. Looking forward to the zoo and other little day trips. Who knows, maybe we will even get a little family vacation in this year that involves sand and sun!

I've been working on trying to be more thankful for everything in my life instead of pining for more or different. Sometimes, the littles get frustrating. Then they do something that makes me melt. Last night I was putting Li'l G to bed, which is sometimes an arduous task. She does love to snuggle, which I love. This particular evening, once we finally settled down, regular snuggles weren't enough. As we were cuddling, she grabbed my hand, wrapped my arm tightly around her, and used my hand as her pillow. I sometimes feel like the perpetual mean mom, always saying no, and I wonder if that is how she sees me. Last night I knew that wasn't the case. Regardless of mean mom who tells her no, last night she wanted mom as her blanket and pillow - she couldn't get close enough. Love.

Along those lines, both kids astound me even through the tough moments. Every day Li'l G is becoming more and more a little unique person, with likes and dislikes, imagination and creativity, new expressions and language, soaking in everything we do and making it her own. For instance, the girl loves her Veggie Tales. I am forever finding Veggie Tales stickers everywhere. She loves kissing on her little brother, who loves pulling her hair. She has invented Veggie Tale City, where the Veggie Tales live (aka Family Christian), which she loves to visit with her dad. She is moving beyond mama to try out "mommy" and "mom." I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I do love "mommy." Judah for his part is looking more and more like a little boy instead of a baby. This was so very clear as I was re-reading some of my posts from last summer that had pictures of him as a baby. Little man is becoming a real, live boy! He is starting to stand unassisted too, so undoubtedly walking will soon ensue. Lord grant me strength...


  1. Where is the fun place o' fun. Always looking for cool places to bring the little ones :)

  2. It's called Detroit Kid City and is in Southfield on Greenfield Rd. just north of 12 mile on the west side of the street - right next to Sweet Lorraine. It's super cute, but I found it pricey - $10 per kid and can't bring in food. No strollers, but they didn't charge for Judah, just Gigi. Drinks are around $3.