Friday, October 26, 2012

Joining the Bandwagon: Seven Quick Takes

I'm usually a little late to the game, so why should this time be any different? I see lots of blogs with the 7QT link, and wonder, "huh? what's this about?" Then I lament about not posting more often. Then I saw another 7QT post, and thought, Writing doesn't always have to be long and involved?? Ok, I'm in! I've finally gotten on the bandwagon...

Our li'l G turned 2 this week. Where, oh, where has the time gone? What I loved? Seeing her change in reaction from last year's party (pretty oblivious) to this year, where she was playing in the room while I was decorating, looked up and saw the decorations, and screamed "ooooh! Pirates!" Love it.

Busyness stinks. Again, I want to be the fun mom. But getting immersed in the busyness of life steals my thunder on that account. When my mom visits, it really flies out the window. Life becomes hectic and the kids feel it too. Must work on keeping my calm to keep them calm. This week's story? Left my keys and a bottle on the table at a restaurant after lunch trying to rush from lunch with mom to drop her off where she was staying so we could get home for naptime and I could put in my work hours. Yeah. Luckily, got the keys back. Not so great - they threw away a regular Avent bottle because they thought it was a disposable. Yeah, disposable all right - there went at least $6 down the drain. Lesson learned.

I have a love/hate relationship with toddler-hood. I LOVE all the developments. Not a day goes by that I don't look at my li'l G in wonder and amazement by something she has learned or is doing. I, I think in this instance we can use the word hate...the battles that come with that developing autonomy and independence. I'm learning to pick my battles for the ones that really matter versus the ones that are due to preference and exhaustion on my part. I love listening to her speak in sentences. I hate the word no. I love her exuberance. I hate her temper and attempt at tantrums. Deep down I know this is all for the good and her development into who God is creating her to be, but I still hate the battles. Of course, I know through the battles, God is developing me into the mother I need to be throughout her life...especially the pre-teen and teen years to come. ;)

My kids are ridiculously adorably cute! God did some good work there - I take no credit at all!

Sit down. Here it is - if I had the energy, I might become a clean freak. I absolutely hate all the clutter and mess in the house. With autumn about, I can't stand all the leaves that blow in and are all over the floor. I hate all the toys that lay about and are unorganized even when they are put away. Who AM I?!? Yet, I just don't have the energy right now to clean 24/7 to get the house sparkly clean. My "purge the house" list is coming, hubbers...get ready for a multi-month project!!

My friend Mary shared this on her blog, and I'm going to 100% agree. Lessons in selflessness continue non-stop when you've got kids, and outdoing each other in kindness gets pretty hard when all you want to do is kick up your feet and (insert leisure activity here) and you have two children who need your attention constantly. Ours don't usually scream, but lately, oh lately they tend to get vociferous together. Excellent. And as much as I'd love a bottle of, um, I mean some chocolate?'s not about what I want anymore, and the selfish being I am doesn't love that, and the awful admission is that in moments of weakness I sometimes miss my single life for a fleeting second. Then I look at the faces sitting in the room with me.  I do love that husband so. And I do love these kids SO much. So I want to serve them more, because I love when they know they are loved and because for over a decade I prayed for exactly what God has given me, and he has blessed me beyond measure. So take that devil - the single life ain't for me! Just bring me some chocolate please.

Three quick things I've learned this week, some as recently as today. The devil is real. God is stronger. Joy is a choice, not a feeling. That last one was so clearly exhibited this morning by a homeless man I came across on my drive to work. He had a sign that said he was cold and hungry, out of work with no place to live. Oh, and go Tigers! Clearly even in his pain, he knew joy. When I stopped to offer him some food and talked to him - it was definitely true. His eyes were joyful and truly kind and grateful. I think I'd just be crabby and crying. Taking a cue from this man to be more intentionally joyful, and pass THAT legacy onto my children. If I hadn't been stopped on an entrance ramp to pull this off, I would have asked to take a picture as a reminder...and tribute. Ah well, you can look at our silly family instead...a bunch of colorful Wemmicks! (Read Max Lucado's "You Are Special" if you don't understand the reference - I'm not giving it away!)

That is all.

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  1. Isn't 7QT awesome? It takes just a bit of time and gives us the opportunity to record the happenings of our week. I love reading others and posting mine! :)
    And missing the single life...that was def. what my 16 oz budlight desire was speaking to :)Then we look at our HM rascals and wouldn't trade them for the world right?!